5 Dollar Short Shifter

Warning: This DIY is a Step by Step demonstration on how to make a short throw shifter. I am not you and therefore not responsible for any damages to you or your car.

Difficulty: 1 outta 10

Time: 15 minutes

What is it:

It shortens the forward and back throw of the manual shifter.

What good is it for our cars:

It just makes the car that much more fun to drive.

Parts Needed:

(1) 1/2″ Split Ring Hanger
d71f2958a60ce41d399c68e4e40fbef9  5 Dollar Short Shifter

(1) 3/8-16 x 1″ hex bolt
d2e99afb75127bbbaca7765a49ab29ba  5 Dollar Short Shifter

(1) 10-24 x 1-1/2″ screw
3ffe950c3b7e14897fc4e0d3e7ce7353  5 Dollar Short Shifter

(1) rubber bushing (Optional)
96cf98945836df61413a955c77348264  5 Dollar Short Shifter

washers to hold bushing on

Tools Needed:
Screwdriver that fits your new screw you bought
Crescent wrench

1. unscrew the shift knob

2. Remove the cupholder

3. remove the top part of the center console area

4. now look down at the 2 shifter cables. you want the one on the right side (the one on the shaft)
77aee794a7c608169722b55321c1781a  5 Dollar Short Shifter

5. unscrew the nut off the bolt. slide off the cable
22aceea94a58c05de1fd445533880002  5 Dollar Short Shifter

6. now onto the actual short shifter. open the hanger package up

7. line up the hanger as you would install it on the shifter, like so
0dda19859f06e00e6884540a6cc515cc  5 Dollar Short Shifter

8. take off the top screw on the hanger. you will use the new screws you bought instead. put new screw on temporary

9. take out one 3/8″ bolt out of the package and screw it into the open hole partways
e126c530af01b4ecfeea74eebc4f2025  5 Dollar Short Shifter

10. slide the almost formed short shifter onto the shifter. slide it all the way down

11. place onto the new screw your washers and then the shifter cable bushings

12. tighten up the front screw partway, then the rear

13. tighten up fully. you don’t want the short shifter or cable to fall off.

14. tighten up the big bolt onto the shifter. make sure its on really tight so you dont have it sliding on you. DO NOT TIGHTEN TOO TIGHT OR IT WILL BREAK!
5735230837cb9e4a53e9183e1d8e1318  5 Dollar Short Shifter
ae1f6c6d6df89834c16f4e99d062b7a5  5 Dollar Short Shifter

15. Test out the shifter to see if there is any resistance on the cables.

16. reinstall everything and go for a test drive

here are some vertical shots of neutral, third gear and fourth gear

413354242b705a4e60f17abfb28bd31f  5 Dollar Short Shifter
4866c2306eafdd8637aba9c8737df696  5 Dollar Short Shifter
97dfc72adece173323d39396e9ca3e44  5 Dollar Short Shifter

My new total throwing distance is about 3 3/8″
5207a23d7283e31f6a123378f7cc9d0f  5 Dollar Short Shifter

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