ATF Drain and Fill

These are the procedures I took in order to Drain and Fill my Automatic Transmission on my 2005 Honda Accord EX-L I4 (4Cyl).
The things I had handy while doing this procedures are:
1. 3/8″ Rachet
2. Transmission Funnel and 1/4 in tubing
3. 1 gallon plastic container.

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These are the instruction in accordance with the Honda Service Manual.

1. Warm up the vehicle to operating temperatures (the cooling fan should come on).
2. Park vehicle on level ground.

Pop the hood up and locate the transmission dip stick. It is on the right side of the engine. It has a yellow round handle.
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Now that you have located the Dip stick, look under the vehicle to find the transmission drain bolt.
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Use the 3/8″ rachet to remove the transmission drain bolt. (my transmission bolt was on very tight) Have your container handy.
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Drain all fluid into the container. Approximately 3 quarts should come out.
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The drain bolt wasn’t too dirty.
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Dispose of the ATF in a container that will allow you to transport it to the nearest parts store for disposal.
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Reinstall the transmission drain bolt.
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Insert the hose attached to the funnel. I didn’t have a leak at all. I filled the transmission with 3 quarts of Honda ATF-Z1. Each quart cost $6.07.
63595bbf1add6faed882945f2e21a6a4  ATF Drain and Fill

Filling the transmission through the dipstick hole because I didn’t want to mess with pumping fluid into the transmission fill bolt hole. Fill the transmission slowly because if you do it to fast the fluid can back up and overflow.
19a72b049fd59838a91775e9d4b26fa1  ATF Drain and Fill

Once you have filled the transmission with the recommended amount (3.0 quarts), insert the dip stick back into the transmission tube. I only did this process once because the fluid is not to dark and my car has 35,000 miles. From here on out, I will be doing the drain and fill process every time I change my oil.
Dont forget to check the fluid level. Warm up the car untill the cooling fan comes on, turn the car off and you have up to 90 seconds to check the level. CONGRATULATIONS
25516d85c3c0797103e61cb1dc764435  ATF Drain and Fill

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