Audi LED’s

So we have all seen the new audi’s R8’s with the led phantom strip and i know inside theres something saying that you want something similar. Keep in mind this is my second post and first DIY so its not the best! will post pictures after school when i get around to taking them lol.

( This works for stock headlights and especially well on JDM headlights with the clear bottom idk about projectors but its worth a shot?)

Step 1

Go to your local autozone ( pepboys?)

And buy 2 12 inch FLEXLED strips

( they come in white amber red and blue )

I chose white.

Step 2

Remove Negative battery terminal to prevent getting shocked.

Step 3
Remove Front Bumper

1 Bolt in each wheel well

6 clips infront of radiator

and about 6 clips at the bottom of your bumper

( I used a flathead and a paper towel to remove the top clips to prevent scratching )

Step 4

Remove your Brights/ Parking Lights/ Headlamps

Step 5

Remove your headlights
( 3 or 4 Bolts holding on brackets/ Headlights )

Step 6

Remove City lights

( at the bottom of the headlight there is an orange wedge bulb that will twist out, note that this install will get rid of this light so if you like it or have a different color one in you probably wont want to do this mod)

Step 7

Set your headlight on a carpeted surface so yu dont risk scratching the lense/ denting anything up.
Now the hole where the city lights ( wedge bulbs ) were is where you will be inserting the LED Strips

Make sure they are facing outward inside and slide them in ( you will be able to look through the bottom of the headlight and see where they are.

Get them equal on both sides and use some electrical tape to cover the hole to prevent water from getting in.

Now you need to find a power source to lighten these suckers up.

I chose to get rid of the city bulbs and splice into those wires

Make sure you solder/ heat shrink these wires because they will be exposed
( I made the mistake of just taping them and they came loose a few times lol)

Now your ready to throw it all back together and see how they look!

Post up your pics id love to see how this turns out!

Thanks for reading my first DIY and good luck!

These are mine before i discovered i could put them inside the headlights i had them stuck on the outside of the headlight and it was kinda ghetto lol.

I also had small strips at the bottom which looked decent but i took them out.

I will be posting pics of mine either today or tommorow so give me a break lol im in class.

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