Coilover Clean/Un-Seize; On car

Some have notice that it seems like our coilovers are a magnet to rust,rocks,and other grime.They tend to get stuck very easily.Seem almost impossible to get loose.
This is just a quick job that worked on all 4 of mine. **Others may need a air-hammer,and flat fitting to bust loose the collar like I did months ago.**

Simple tools needed,*Just what I had in my tool box*
-Coilover Collar wrenches
-Rubber mallet
-Simple Green
-PB blaster
-Brass brush
-Shop towels.
*Safety glasses-When Brushing the threads it tends to flick the pb or simple green in your eyes
2645994e4706815c31fbe0f1bb27f91e  Coilover Clean/Un-Seize; On car
8cae5feb4c32a333695209b90e1cfed5  Coilover Clean/Un-Seize; On car

1)Spray down the entire coilover from tophat to bottom mounting with simple green.Let it sit for a few mins.
2)Get the Brass brush and clean the threads from rocks,grime,ect.To help prevent the risk of thread damage when spinning the collar.
3) wipe down the coilover with the rag,thread part and all,to get all loose dirt off to see any missed spots.
4)Repeat with PB blaster,But only spray the collar,and threads. Let sit for a few mins.
ad37402c59e3f923178b8bc6f9fe10a7  Coilover Clean/Un-Seize; On car
5)Using the rubber mallet give the collar and the base of the coilover a few good hits.*not damaging the coilover tho
-Keeping the threads soaked with PB blaster-
6)take your wrench/flathead and set it in place and hit it with the mallet.Should bust loose.But could use some elbow grease.
a8caf912cb7cdfe07c9dedb47452ef16  Coilover Clean/Un-Seize; On car

There are many ways to do this,I found this quick,free,and easy while on the car.This may work for yours,it may not.


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