DIY painting interior

So since i was about to redo my interior i thought i would take a few pics as i did it to share with the crew and maybe help someone out with theirs….

So here is a picture of most of the tools i used during the removal of the interior, a few of these are made for removing interior parts but u can still do it without them, just have to be careful not to break all the clips…..
1126b5858fd8a870f3105dcf3a5119e5  DIY painting interior

So first i started out by pulling out everything that i was going to redo, all the little peices as well, including vents, trim and everything i needed out to repaint all at once so i dont have to risk taking peices out at another time and risk scratches….
4bcd11f6289059ad7dea4c9bddea7f68  DIY painting interior
440d39714bee627ad9ca1ba1bd9161b4  DIY painting interior
c7776593266646aa9d3e93f589a00dd5  DIY painting interior

I set up a few work horse’s to make working on the parts easier..
081068d6ab1985b95815d3a11a4ba3d3  DIY painting interior

Now that i have everything i need removed i washed every part in soap and water with some type of degreaser like purple power or any type will work, i just mixed it in with the water and scrubed every part, you have to get all of the oil and grease from any armorall or any type of cleaner you may have used on the interior….
0a15aacbd697c630d898fcfc545cd41f  DIY painting interior
e393f1702c6c28ab60a55c40f07c0651  DIY painting interior

I removed any switches from any of the trim peices, and anything else i did not want to paint, i also removed the soft leather inserts from my front door panels, here is how they are removed, from the back of the panel you will see a bunch of silver metal tabs folded over just straighten them out and push them through and the leather panel will fall right out….
fc53b41cffb0c0bd8d6bc665a9d3c360  DIY painting interior
002b75f4c3483c50e97b98299bf122fa  DIY painting interior

I wanted to do the same on the rear panels but those are molded in place so i had to tape those off so i could paint the rest of the panel and not cover the leather inserts…
8faf1ee195180235e5e6d225123ff75e  DIY painting interior

Now i have everthing washed and set out ready to paint i had to be sure everything was completly dry or that would cause the paint not to stick to the panels, so i took my air-compressor and a shammy and made sure all the panels and any pockets were completly dry….
11ffc93fdab276f9b6dcc48a160f6c6f  DIY painting interior

Now i am ready to lay down some color, now this paint i am using i not like regular paint it is like a dye and paint mixed, no need for any type of primer, this stuff will adhere to the panels with no is a link to the site it is actually ppg paint….…0_Specialty/EN

For this project i am using my spray gun but they also make this stuff in a rattle can as well….
fb7cc8f8ecd400f5e726fcdc352922ee  DIY painting interior
aa4be3fbd85d8c7203677e44800bae3b  DIY painting interior

Now i painted everything that i needed in one shot, no need for more than one good covering coat with this stuff…
606cb2b749b2cd02636522d8a21dde1f  DIY painting interior
9d85a0d1755e5194c5f0fe6a4ef84b3a  DIY painting interior
95a42195b30e9c77efb80ce35c3fac02  DIY painting interior
1db61968dcaff1cd4578faa8f1568899  DIY painting interior

Now with this paint u cant tell the diffrence between painted and a factory colored panel. you can even do leather seats with this stuff, i am doing my rear seats, this week with this, we have done 3 other sets of seats with this stuff before and to this day you cant tell a diffrence in them


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