Headlight Haze Removal

Well I had a really bad haze over my headlights, so I thought I’d do a DIY when I cleaned them.

First off this is what my headlights look liked.
91db1d9b83fc9215ef45b7a4f1e716a7  Headlight Haze Removal
And from another angle

9510ff6e7ec6c0cb0d97a8d87014f476  Headlight Haze Removal

The only supplies you need is a good cordless drill, a terry cloth, and the cleaner and buffer. I got 3m Plastic Cleaner and Polish, each bottle was $9.99, for the buffer I got one of them Mothers Powerball Buffers.
I got all the supplies from: Autogeek.net
Here is a pic of the supplies.

First apply the cleaner with the terry cloth, I rubbed it in a circular motion until I had rubbed it dry. Took about two minutes per light to clean them. After they were cleaned, I put some of the polish on the buffer and with light pressure I buffer again in a circular motion. After the polish was all buffed in, it looked like it could use a tad more, so I did it again. The whole thing only took 15 minutes. It made a 100% improvement.

0441f889ae917a93e86dbc0244359525  Headlight Haze Removal

Hope this helps!

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