License Relocator

This is the final product

Double sided tape
Time: 5minutes
Unscrew the bottom nuts

Move the license plate to the right so the left side of the license plate is on the right hole. Screw the left side of the license plate.
Screw in the left side of the plate and apply double sided tape on the other.

Your done!

Heres what [...]

My Accord TSX Retrofit

STEP 1: Opening headlight
Put headlight in oven for 10-15 mins at 200degs.

Then take the headlight out and start to pry open the end farthest away from the turn signal with a flat head screw driver. Pry open until there is enough to get your hands in then gently separate the res of the headlight [...]

Painting Third Brake Light

After getting my rear window tinted i noticed the ghetto ness of my third brake light’s tan color in contrast to the beautiful black tint. So i decided to paint it. Extremly simple to do, took more time letting the paint dry than anything else.
First i disconnected the wire leading to the brake light.

Second i [...]

Uneven Taillights on Sedans/Coupes Fix

Ok so I’ve had a problem for a while that I know some of you other folks have had as well. The situation at hand is that the right/left side of peoples’ trunk appears not to sit as snugly against the frame, making the interior taillight a little higher than the exterior right one.
I have [...]