Painting Third Brake Light

After getting my rear window tinted i noticed the ghetto ness of my third brake light’s tan color in contrast to the beautiful black tint. So i decided to paint it. Extremly simple to do, took more time letting the paint dry than anything else.

First i disconnected the wire leading to the brake light.

Second i pushed up on the clips to simply free the lamp housing from its place, then i removed it from inside the cabin.
f995109d88b8e2da18041d830b869fc6  Painting Third Brake Light

Third I removed the lightbulb, to make sure it wouldnt break and then pulled back on the clips near the center of the arc to remove the lamp from the housing.

b56a90919abb844b238200afa18b4777  Painting Third Brake Light
5f743cfb5fd055ebeba6a612811cdfff  Painting Third Brake Light

Fourth I used scotch tape to tape off the “leather” from the plastic as a prep for the next step of saran wrapping all that i didnt want to get painted (i used tape to hold this down as well.

2adb21da08844af7df3c40c4333d93fc  Painting Third Brake Light
ba8f96655194aa425b4e1dd052164d2c  Painting Third Brake Light

Sixth step was to take it outside, clean it with soap and put it onto a trash bag for painting.

e1278ecd6315b2d5f8bc288924b83e97  Painting Third Brake Light

Then i laid down a two coats of spray waiting 10 minutes between each coat and then 20 minutes after the last so it would dry to touch.

5ec8fea773924264f8d33d2c00304902  Painting Third Brake Light
b85b874cec9d3362f0181787ca250268  Painting Third Brake Light

^^^^^ Final Product and how it looks now inside the car^^^^

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