Vtec indicator light

Hey well after doing this mod, and seeing some ppl were having problems, i decided to post up this DIY.
I chose to tape instead of soldering becase i dont have a soldering iron, and i would be afraid of belting the Vtec wire

Steps: 20

Time: 10-15 Minutes

- 1 Led of your choice
- 1 Resistor ( i used a 330 ohm 1/4 watt)
- 2-5 ft of wire/ speaker cable
- Scissors
- wrench or pliers
- black/electrical tape

Optional Materials:
- Soldering Iron
- Wire Tap-in
- Butt Conectors
- Drill
- Enough gas to go test it
- 6 pack of beer

resistor not shown*
7a1b7148f63b3c7d84d83ecae13317b2  Vtec indicator light

Step 1: Solder/tape led, reistor, and wire.

Step 2: Unplug your battery, just in case.

Step 3: Mount your led wherever you want
d76fd2bdcc3689150608313ef358f802  Vtec indicator light

Step 4: Pull the carpet back from the Paaengers left foot
b5584c7a6cb32a87c2c4b532056493fb  Vtec indicator light

Step 5: Locate the ECU.
1e06905daf90e9c97c407be85f5ebe36  Vtec indicator light

Step 6: Unplug 3 of the connectors.
c6aea83bdccc081ec01c0922b0c22978  Vtec indicator light

Step 7: Cut the HUGE zip tie so you can pull the wires closer to you.
563dd7809e01db4288894e2a695e223d  Vtec indicator light

Step 8: Take the black tape off of the Big grey connector
bffd50106badf01cc2be87b116140ff7  Vtec indicator light

Step 9: Locate the Vtec wire
WARNING there are 2 green and yellow wires on that same connector
green with a yellow stripe ( vtec wire )
yellow with a green stripe (not vtec)
4fb45c7deda7f412c5c317f32d38ca26  Vtec indicator light

Step 10: Splice the vtec wire, and attach the wire to the led.
2bcbcb138b1e6b2e2a5855dbdaa139f8  Vtec indicator light

Step 11: Tape/Solder both wires together
395acc8d9d5e7e8fffec0b2bba425947  Vtec indicator light

Step 12: Tape all of the wires from that connector together;
63db6716f875baeb76cf365667af44a9  Vtec indicator light

Step 13: Plug back in all 3 connectors on to the ECU.
527ee2ba3dc0c10b6a8daaab2cec41b9  Vtec indicator light

Step 14: Put the carpet back on, and dont forget this little guy.
20fe27293fb79fbbd8ab70646423d20f  Vtec indicator light

Step 15: Now choose a ground point, run the wire, and ground it.
I chose the seat bracket.
242ecaefada8362bb7fe87b16998853b  Vtec indicator light

Step 16: Put up all the mess you’ve made.

Step 17: Give yourself a pat on the back for doin a good job.

Step 18: Get in the car and turn on the engine.

Step 19: Test it!

Step 20: If it works, then your done!

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