Cleaning Engine Bay

b4 i start, this is only a guideline, and i’m not resposible for anything goin worng wit your car, use at you own discretion there has been discussion and descriptions, but no pictures, so i decided to cleen out the durty ass engine bay and take sum pictures here we go this is realy the [...]

Idle Air Control Valve, problem with idle

for those of you that have an irradic idle and are annoyed with it heres how you clean and fix the problem. IACV = Idle Air Control Valve step one: locate your IACV it looks like this and on D series engines its mounted on the rear of the intake manifold near the throttle body, [...]

Gas Door Lightening

OKay, first off… This is sort of a joke. I was bored and I thought to myself, “My gas door has an extra piece of useless metal on it. Let’s hack it off and say we did it because it lightens the total weight of the car.” Tools: – metal sheers – drill – grinding [...]

Energy Suspension Sway Bar Bushings

These greasable polyurethane sway bar bushings are top notch. I have the front and rear Progress Group anti-roll bars on my car. The front is 27mm in diameter and the rear is 22mm in diameter. I chose the sway bar bushing based on the information on this webpage: Sway Bar Bushings I bought the 9.5158G [...]