00si front seats swap into a 95si

As many of you know 92-95 civics are one of the hiddiest seats to come into a car. they basically have a plastic pillar that extends up a foot and curves into the headrest. Anyways ive been wantin to swap them either for more simple seats and the opportunity came in the classified section.

Now the bolt pattern is different on the inner rear bolt, it is about 1 inch off. All other bolts line up perfectly. I first swapped the inside rails and resecured them, but to my surprise the height of the different gens made the seat tilted inward. I then removed them and put the stock rails on the 00si seats and drilled a hole this time 1 inch from where the railing hole support was, making sure it was a drill bit size slightly smaller, or just the same size as the shaft of the bolt and not the threads on it. here are the first intial important photos of the seat swap. Imo swapping the whole railing assembly is a full days work I dont know if all the parts are interchangeable and it is alot more reasonable to do it this way

1) Ratchet set or tools to undo the 4 bolts that hold the seat down, I beleive 12 or a 13mm
2) Rust Cheque greese or some sealant for the drilled hole and to help loosen the bolts
3) Vacuum to clean under the rmoved seats, and rust flakes of the bolts
4) Strong Electrical power drill in which to drill the rear hole for the bolt. a regular drill cordless will not sufice uless it is a beastly one
5) Drill bits – i will post which size i used for mine in the future.

ET [Estimated Time]
1.5 hours

I was surprised that the bolts held up as they were quite tight about 25lb pressure to loosen them, they did notget rounded as i expected them too as my drivers side bolts were all rusted.

You will need 1 size ratchet I think it was 12m or 13mm to remove all bolts and thats it. A long stem of connector will help for the front bolts.

Drivers side seat has a harness underneathe simply press down on the small button to release the harness, your new seat should snap fit right into the same harness, do this before you place the seat down into position.

I would advise not to swap out both railings o the seat, it will take 1 full days of work and the outter railing may not be transferrable onto the newer 00si seat. there is also several wires and bolts that will need to be transferred as well.


1) Unscrew the 4 bolts on the passenger seat, pull the stock seat out do the same with the drivers but this time unhook the seatbelt warnign harness underneathe the seat

2) take your 00si seats with rails, pace the passenger seat in line up the bolts and lighlty tighten them to align and secure in place, align the 4th hole the inner rear which is off about 1 inch to the stock hole and drill there, use a small bit to get an accurate center guide and then a bigger drill bit or the final size bit.

3) After the hole either use some rust check in the vicinity of the hole as it is fresh metal and can rust, or paint over it. then tighten the 4th bolt and diagonally the opposite, andthen the last 2 firmly but not extremely tight about 10lb of pressure and maybe less for the new drilled bolt. if your hole is not catching the bolt on the 4th I would just use something to helop grip it in, teflon tape or something.

4) Follow the same procedure of install for the drivers seat but just remember to hookup the drivers seatbelt wire which is located under the seat through a hole and bolt on like step 3

5) everything is done pat yourself on the back and clean up the mess you made

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Stock 95 si seats

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Inside rear bolt railing that had to be drilled to fit

4da8ef40eaac31954f8df587ab233c05  00si front seats swap into a 95si
a closer view of the bolt that needs to be drilled to fit

outter rear bolt, fits perfect but you will not be able to use your previous plastic bolt rail covers

Finished product – for the drivers side there is a wiring harnss underneathe, you will need to release and reattach to the new seat as it is the seat belt warning light.

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