Amber Bumper/Corner Lights

Go get some official “JDM in a Can” aka Crown Glass Coating in orange…its available at walmart and is usually on the very top shelf in the paint section…I snagged the last 2 cans at my local store today

Now lightly scuff up the outside of the lense using sandpaper or emery cloth…all I had kickin around was some 180grit wetsand paper so I made use of it…a higher grit count would be better 400 woulda been nice but whatever
8aaa78f37b5879ccb47b2721fbfe4f5d  Amber Bumper/Corner Lights

Once its all scuffed, clean that **** up with brake clean, soap and water or just wipe them with a clean cloth like your shirt

Now, I paint mine at the same time so I can get the same coverage on both lenses for symmetry sake but u can do them individually…people say light coats this and that but I lay it on alot heavier than most would, I get no runs so its all good and I’m impatient…make sure u put it on “wet” so its glossy when it dries if ur chince and put it on “dry” ur gonna get a crappy dull finish
722cd2bff727ccdc70c0e35f2ffe0af9  Amber Bumper/Corner Lights

Let that **** dry, give it some time you dont want fingerprints in the paint!
bb1761171322ee3413562dbe0f436a50  Amber Bumper/Corner Lights

Install and pat yourself on the back for a job well done…now go have a beer

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