CapYoda’s PreciseShift Shifter Progress Kit

This kit is exactly the same as the KumoSport bushings, except that it’s not anodized. To get it, go here: PreciseShift Shifter Progress Kit It’s not visible when it’s installed, so the anodization really does nothing. CapYoda’s kit is also way cheaper than KumoSports.

Tools Needed:
- Socket Wrench
- 12mm socket
- Phillips Head Screwdriver

Optional Tools:
- Torque Wrench
- Grippy Gloves

The instructions supplied with the kit are good, but I do a few things differently. You may want to read over the instructions supplied with the kit first and then take a look at my DIY for further reference. Those instructions cover the installation in a 2001 Civic. 2002 Civics and 2003 Civics will have a slightly different installation because of the different cup holders and the integrated arm rest.

Here’s what I got in the mail. A nice little package and three sheets worth of instructions.

First you remove the shift knob. Pull down the silver trim ring until it comes off. Then unscrew the shift knob. Lefty loosey, righty tighty.

Now, pull up on the center plastic piece that surrounds the emergency brake. Pull straight up. Use as much force as possible. Grip it wherever possible, but not on the edges there it goes in. You can grip it in betwean the emergency brake and the plastic. That’s a good place to grip if you can get a finger or two in there. Also gripping it betwean the pocket and the little tray might work. Wear gloves with a lot of grip if your hands are slipping.

Now move the seats up to gain access to the two screws in back. Unscrew them using a Phillips head screwdriver. Whoopsie… This picture was taken before I removed the plastic piece around the emergency brake. Oh well, you get the point.

Now there are two screws inside where the plastic cover around the emergency brake used to be. Remove these with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Now there are a couple of plastic clips up front. What you do is stick your finger in back to pop out the little inside of the clip. You can do it two ways, you can pop it out or you can push it in. Pushing it in is harder IMO and if you use something hard to push it in you’ll scratch up the plastic and your hand might slip and you might scratch up something else.

Here’s how the assembly looks like. Locate the four bolts holding down the shifter assembly and use a 12mm socket to unbolt them. Unbolting these and bolting these in is probably the most time consuming part of this DIY.

Now take out the metal part of the stock rubber bushings by simply pressing it down with your finger. Make sure that it doesn’t get lost as it’s pressed out. Then simply push out the stock rubber bushings.

Here are CapYoda’s bushings. Put one under each mounting location and one on top. The flat side of the bushings that are on the bottom should be in contact with the metal under the shifter assembly. Make sure to line everything up so that when you go to put in the bolts, they go through both bushings.

Now put the bolts in and tighten them down to 16 foot pounds. I didn’t bother with a torque wrench, I went by feel alone. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it! Shift everything around as you’re tightening to seat everything properly.

You’re done! The shifter should feel more stable and you should feel each gear engaging more than before. These are a good alternative to the KumoSport bushings since they’re cheaper. They do exactly the same thing. Props go to CapYoda for making a good product that is actually cheaper than what is already out there.

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