Cleaning Engine Bay

b4 i start, this is only a guideline, and i’m not resposible for anything goin worng wit your car, use at you own discretion

there has been discussion and descriptions, but no pictures, so i decided to cleen out the durty ass engine bay and take sum pictures here we go

this is realy the only step thats critical- coverin everythin (i prob din have to cover the stock airbox, but i did anyways:

2b16bc7ef103088f062e4f7efe576b7f  Cleaning Engine Bay

Dont forget the alternator:

367b04b35063819ef78e144f6091ebb1  Cleaning Engine Bay

when everything is covered, spray a lil water all over the engine bay, and after bout a mintue, spray on a heavy coat of cleaner, i used GUNK (citrus powered

258e42ddbb4b0f361d9d57a8d30505a2  Cleaning Engine Bay

now if ur engine bay looks lyk ass then the tooth brush wont cut it

bd7fc6961c071c3f06fda9c2c392e2c6  Cleaning Engine Bay

Neither will this brush thing

ef0f17bac260bbe9f15c1857bac92af1  Cleaning Engine Bay

so u’r gna have to get serious, and bring out the steel wool

95510aa8fc46a797ca15a87f6cde627e  Cleaning Engine Bay

Gettin better:

3407b426b395678113c4a3d7e79f1f8a  Cleaning Engine Bay

now wash it all down completelty trying not to focus the water on any sensors, or belts

Final result:

02e48b69794909bdb3313f47ce5d42a4  Cleaning Engine Bay

3972486db4a4e46c51debf9e7067fd5c  Cleaning Engine Bay

yes i kno its not so cleen u could eet off it, i jus wanted to make it half decent cause i’m selling it soon

make sure to remove the plastic bags b4 driving the car, and after rinsing it down completely start it and let the water evaporate, its not smoke its steam, and if u’r that paranoid sit in the car and watch the temp gauge, you car will smell lyk oven cleaner for a while but it will go away

and there you go, frum durtly lik sh*t, do half decent, it took me bout 45 mins, if u take u’r time u could make it reely cleen and nice and all that other nice stuff

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