Coilovers + OMNI camber kit

This is a DIY for installing coilovers and the OMNI camber kit on the Front only. I had some trouble doing the rears, but i’ll take another shot at within the next week.


14mm wrench and socket
17mm wrench and socket
12mm socket
5mm allan key
Spring Compressor (If you’re removing the stock springs)

Step 1:
Jack the car up and put it on stands.

Step 2:
With the 5mm allan key and 14mm wrench LOOSEN this nuts here

Step 3:
With the 14mm wrench LOOSEN these 2 nuts here

Step 4:
You might have to pull off one of these….

Step 5:
Remove the first bolt holding the brake line on (12mm socket)

Step 6:
Get an extension and remove the other bolt for the brake line (12mm)

Just another view…

Step 7:
Take out the bolt on the top of the fork (the one that connects the fork to the shock itself)

Step 8:
Remove the bolt at the lower end of the fork. Use a socket and a wench on the other side of it. I used a pipe for some leverage to get it loose, but dont let the snap on guys see you do this. Note:this pic below is me removing the top bolt on the fork, do the same for the bottom.

There it is loose, just pull it out.

Step 9:
Now you can pull the fork out. Like this..

Step 10:
Now its time to take these nuts OFF. The whole spring/shock assembly is going to come off with it so be prepared.

And here is it off. The springs you see here are Progress which give a 2″ drop. I dont need a spring compressor because these are short enough to take off. If you have stock springs, This is the part where you would compress the spring and follow from here on…

Step 11: CAMBER KIT TIME ignore if you’re just doing springs.

Pull this cotter pin out, and remove the crown nut you see pictured.

Step 12:
Loosen these bolts here. Its a hell of a lot easier to do this when its out. So you can either loosen them now, or after its off.

Step 13:
Remove these nuts

swing the control arm around. I had to tap it with a hammer to get it out.

Step 14:
Ok i didnt take a picture here. But now its time to remove those bolts from step 12, and put that assembly on your new camber kit.

Step 15:
Installation is reverse of removal. Make sure you get the crown nut on right and DONT FORGET the cotter pin. You will likely need a larger one. I used a jack to make life easier also.

End of camber kit section…

Step 16:
Ok my fault for not taking pictures here but this is how its done. Take your allan key and wench and take off that nut from step 2, now just remove everything. NOTE: if you have a bumpstop (the orange thing) cut it in half and keep the large half on.

Now with the coilover sleeves put on the O-Rings (2 for each shock, see pic) and grease them up. Slide sleeve onto the shock. Then put the spring on. Now put it all back together the exact same way it came off.

Step 17:
Now follow it like this.
-Put the assembly back and tighten the nuts (from step 3)
-slide the fork in place. Put the lower bolt back on (from step 8)
-Put the bolt back on at the top of the fork (step 7)
-Re-attach brake lines (step 5)

double check and make sure everything is tight and you’re done.

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