EG rear Fog Light for $2

tools you need:
solder and solder gun (optional)
shrink rubes or electrical tape
Rear Outer Stanly bulb socket can be bought from scrap yard for $2.
paper clip or small watchman’s flat screw driver.

keep the original inner light wire handy as you be using it for reference.

on the original inner harness note the position of wires. looking at the wire side here is how i labeled them for this install.
[R][ ][G][B]

to remove the wires from the quick connect on the Outer Stanly wire harness use a paper clip or small flat screw driver remove the pins from the quick connect on the Stanly outer harness.

the outer Stanly wire harness also has two wires connecting to the corner bulbs on USDM cars you can cut and discard them

the rest of the instruction are embedded to the pictures.

note this install will make the rear fog light come ON every-time you turn on the lights. i didn’t want to go through the trouble of running wires to the front cockpit for the switch.

After the modification is done to the wires and connector install the proper bulbs into the sockets and then install the harness to your car.

now enjoy you very cool mod.

29f68202cc3f4cbcc1a79a151f70e703  EG rear Fog Light for $2

ee1646124f92c5aeb3864fb33698c508  EG rear Fog Light for $2

42cc95136e755d62e329c3db952ff482  EG rear Fog Light for $2


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