Energy Suspension Sway Bar Bushings

These greasable polyurethane sway bar bushings are top notch. I have the front and rear Progress Group anti-roll bars on my car. The front is 27mm in diameter and the rear is 22mm in diameter. I chose the sway bar bushing based on the information on this webpage: Sway Bar Bushings

I bought the 9.5158G and 9.5162G sway bar bushing sets. The G stands for black. If you want red, then you would buy 9.5158R and 9.5162R. I bought them from Jeg’s The red ones (at least from Jeg’s) come with black covers for the zerk fittings. If you want red covers instead, then you can buy them here: ZERK FITTING CAPS


Tip #1: Clean everything off with WD-40 before installing the sway bar bushings (that is if you’re replacing older bushings).

Tip #2: Grease the bushing from the inside before putting it on the sway bar. To put the bushing on the sway bar pull it apart and force it on by it’s open corner.

Tip #3: Grease the bushing again using a grease gun until grease start to flow out from the seams. Wipe up the excess.


The polyurethane seems stiffer than the stuff that came with my Progress sway bars since it’s harder to open up when putting it on. Maybe it softens up over time? Then again, I remember that the progress bushings were easier to install when they were new.

The zerk fittings in the back are right where you want them to be when the bushings are installed. They are easy to get to and they don’t interfere with anything. When the front bushings are installed they stick down and are the closest thing to the ground when the car is lowered. You can not grease the front bushings without lifting the front end off the ground.

Even if you do raise the front end off the ground to grease the bushings you might have some trouble fitting the grease gun in under the car. I raised my car using my floor jack to as high as it could go and I set my jack stands up to as high as they could go. Even then the grease gun barely fit on the zerk fittings.

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