Garage Oil change w/ PCV valve replacement (D16Y7)

***pls use jack stands in combination of the actual jack for safety***
***always have someone to standby while you’re under the car , just in case something wrong happen someone can call help***

materials: (all these things you can buy at CT)
pair of jack stands
4L oil (5w30 or 10w30)
Oil filter.
pcv valve
long nose pliers
17mm wrench <– forgot what i used but i think this is it LOL
flat screw driver
drain pan & funnel
wheel stoppers

1. place the wheel stoppers at the back tires then Jack the car to your desired height and place the jack stands
2. locate the drain plug. (its in the driver side area , just about the same distance with the wheels)
39859aff5d5887bf75d263e15128fe6e  Garage Oil change w/ PCV valve replacement (D16Y7)

3. place the drain pan under it then unscrew the bolt with the 13mm wrench (carefully remove the plug so you wont get dirty)
dd706a390dc7e94f1ccdd1640d1d93d2  Garage Oil change w/ PCV valve replacement (D16Y7)
4. when no more oil is left. locate the oil filter and remove. (leave the drain pan under while removing the oil filter as more oil will follow.) I used my hands to unscrew the oil filter. (the oil filter is located just above the drain plug) there’s that cheap motomaster filter that MR. LUBE uses
19f34ef9a3862c2cce7fff93934f10b4  Garage Oil change w/ PCV valve replacement (D16Y7)
5. after unscrewing the oil filter, this is what it looks like…

6. after all the oil is drained out. locate the pcv valve. (the PCV valve is just about above the oil filter) you will need a flat screw driver to pry it and and then a long nose to take it out, or you could use your hands. you will need to squeeze your hands into tight spaces
65d0cfe78dddaa346f5b6c856a247708  Garage Oil change w/ PCV valve replacement (D16Y7)
7. if you are having trouble removing the pcv valve, you can pull the hose downward past all the tight spaces like i did in this picture. (be carefull not to puncture the rubber hose as this will create a lot of problems) you might need a wire or something to pry the hose from the PCV cause the hose might be sticking to the pcv. (rubber to rubber + heat = glued together)
970c625a81f4a0e0c7d0fcc4bad1fac3  Garage Oil change w/ PCV valve replacement (D16Y7)
8. after placing the PCV back on you could now screw the oil filter back to palce and the drain bolt w/ washer as well. (DO NOT OVER SCREW as this might cause a lot of trouble. Just turn until you feel the washer touch the surface then turn a just little more, same with the oil filter.)

theres my new fram oil filter (part number PH3593A)
07bdb507765576609915b591e1c51b83  Garage Oil change w/ PCV valve replacement (D16Y7)
9. put some of your 5w30 or 10w30 oil (use funnel) then measure afterwards using the dip stick and your good to go. (don’t forget to put the oil cap back on)

10. put the old oil back in the new oil jug and dispose off properly. there are free drop off locations a.k.a recycling centers around the city or just drop them @ night @ walmart.


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