Gas Door Lightening

OKay, first off… This is sort of a joke. I was bored and I thought to myself, “My gas door has an extra piece of useless metal on it. Let’s hack it off and say we did it because it lightens the total weight of the car.”

- metal sheers
- drill
- grinding stone bit
- body color spraypaint
- masking tape
- duct tape
- newspaper

This is how the gas door looks like on a 2001 Civic. The 2002 Civics have a little plastic gas cap hanger I think. Maybe I could have even bought the part off of the 2002 Civics to put on and have myself a gas cap hanger. IMO that just gets in the way.

The little part in the middle is totally useless. It’s just dangling there and not really doing anything. It doesn’t press up against the gas cap when the door is closed. It doesn’t really stiffen the gas door. It’s useless. Let’s hack it off. Use the metal sheers to cut it down the middle. Then bend the pieces up and down until they tear off.

Woohoo! We just lost 0.2 ounces! Maybe 0.3 ounces with the little tabs that were left on the car that I didn’t place on the scale. I ground them off with the dirll and the sanding bit. I placed a few pieces of duct tape behind the work area so that I wouldn’t grind up anything else with that sanding bit.

Viola! No more center piece. Uh oh! It’s not painted behind that metal piece! Whoops!

No problem. We use some spraypaint to paint that spot. I had some from a while back and it matches the OEM paint perfectly. I masked off what I didn’t want painted with newspaper and masking tape. I used quick bursts from about a half a foot away and I moved the nozzle around fast here and there to get good even coverage. The results speak for themself.

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