POLISHED the shoes LIP

Things needed:
Paint stripper
water and dishwashign soap
Mothers polishing
and some more dont rem- lol o ya and a friend (fly)

Here is what i started with it using the paint stripper get the clear coat off and start with 220 or 320 i did 220 first as it was in bad shape.
The rims were worse but didn’t get a chnace to take pic’s as i started taking pictures on the last rim

and my friend she was around for the whole time if u look closely u can c her (fly on the white bag)

now u start wet sanding with the 320 and make sure u have gloves or get ready for a week with black and salty hands mmmmmmmm

Work your way around with the 220 grit no wet sanding only dry for now and u should end up with this

Now start wet sanding with the 320 always have the paper wet and make sure u have ur gloves on or else u’ll have black and slaty fingers
with the 320 alll done it’ll look liek this
400 grit

600 grit
keep on wet sanding all the way to 1500 which u should spend the most time on as it is the last one and is the most important one

and nwo for the MOTHERS make sure the rim is all cleaned up and dry
using a terry cloth apply the polish on to the rim
now using the bonnet on the drill lol buff the lip and then after a little buffing the polish will turn black it’s ok u didn’t make a mistake.
using a clean terry cloth wipe it off with some presure and make sure all the black spots are gone and now u should be looking a lot better now
keep on wipeing it off now u shoudl be able to c ur own reflection on it here are some final pic’s enjoy




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