Radiator Removal/Install

This rad install was done on a 1994 civic hatchback with a b-series swap….. coming out of the car is a GSR rad, and going into the car is a GSR rad.

1. Remove bumper. There are 5 screws ontop (showing) and 2 underneathe which you will need a 10mm ratchet and 1 in each fender. This should take no longer than 5 mins.

0a21f9d64bdd64df6b98f06bd6d4b2a1  Radiator Removal/Install

2. Once bumper is off, you will see 2 brackets that go overtop of the rad on each side. Unscrew them and lift up and away (sides) from the rad.

676804f59af6dfbb400c0844fc7abf15  Radiator Removal/Install

3. Now you can remove the resvoir tank which is beside the rad. Simply unscrew the top of it and take out the tubing. Then lift up the tank and it should slide right out.

839a7e550893cc096569400d1467047d  Radiator Removal/Install

4. Jack up the car (I used the tow hooks, because its at the front).

86b2d644441ae7b7da7a7c91d4e1652c  Radiator Removal/Install

5. Remove the liner that is underneathe the car. It is a hard rubber piece that protects the engine from dirt and scum. There are bolts located underneathe (easy to see), but there are are also bolts in the wheel well (picture)

b6e2fafad8f1441cbc2a53748d2c08c2  Radiator Removal/Install

6. Once that is removed, slide underneathe the car and you will see a little plug. Once you see it, place a pan/jug/etc, underneathe so once you undo it, the rad fluid will leak inside of it.

d555f951d8d28de20335af37847327bd  Radiator Removal/Install

7. Simply undo the plug and let it drain.

9fa65cf5408982aa467c3f78d93af020  Radiator Removal/Install

8. Unscrew the bracket shown below and detach the hose (rad fluid will come out, so let it drain into the pan.

5bddb6bd94dadbd797efc9509def19c5  Radiator Removal/Install

9. Unplug the fan, and lift out the rad. There will be a hose connected to it at the bottom, and there is some slack. So as your lifting, let the rad sit ontop of ur front frame and disconnect the bottom hose.

41cec0531f000d1c898b25412f9f07b5  Radiator Removal/Install

10. Let that hose go to the bottom and drain itself out some more.

4b80ba8d9cf386e69b4598ff7058d539  Radiator Removal/Install

11. Now is the time you get you new rad, and connect your old fan to it. There should be a couple plastic bolts that hold it in, then simply just do what you did from your old rad to your new rad.


12. Slide in the new rad. After you have it in, slide the brackets back ontop on both sides and tighten them.

843d43a7238d400df7df471e320ade04  Radiator Removal/Install

13. Connect the top hose and clamp it down.

cfc9e02b39718ca04165ad86c30f0cbf  Radiator Removal/Install

14. Connect the bottom hose and clamp it down (car is still jacked in the air)


15. Now put the resvoir tank back and hook that up the same way you disconnected it.

839a7e550893cc096569400d1467047d  Radiator Removal/Install

16. Get a small funnel and put it where the rad cap is. Now get your new rad fluid (mixture of 50 water and 50 antifreeze is best), I mixed myself, did not get a premix. Start pouring it in.

2ca4c6aa9272e520522686853596fda7  Radiator Removal/Install

17. Only fill up the rad 3/4 the way through the rad cap.


18. Now add additional rad fluid to the overflow container (resvoir tank).


19. Seal up the rad cap and make sure everything is closed tightly.

fd8131fd07f5fec29475f16b266e4342  Radiator Removal/Install

20. Start car and make sure there are no leaks and your done !

Hope you dont pay a mechanic to do this now !

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