rear washer camber trick

jack up car
remove wheel
… take a smoke break

then you’ll be looking at this
267396127299abcd474a34caf468167c  rear washer camber trick

Take your 14 mm and a couple of extensions and bust those bad boys loose.

Take 2 washers per bolt and slide them between the body and the upper rear control arm. Install longer bolts as provided in the kit. Torque them to 29 lb-ft
7fe0b4b8e0b1455047c40cb37927f58f  rear washer camber trick
a2cca081b36481f819107c4e84167869  rear washer camber trick
da2ff4c060e9d6dac29936073e215153  rear washer camber trick

replace the wheel, and torque the wheel to ~80 lb-ft.

Repeat for the other side.

You are done. No more bunk camber.

Oh wait… one more step. Go to the front on ONE side… raise the car up as high as you safely can. Now check the rear opposite side, the wheel should have tucked into the wheelwell. By flexing the susp, you should make sure your newly corrected camber doesn’t cause an issue with your wheelwell.

how long are the bolts that you replace them with?

f25d0eb203c5bad06b892fb27554ec66  rear washer camber trick

that’s the pic I took when I did mind… not that much longer but they need to be threaded all the way to the end to grab unlike the stockies…

btw left is the new bolt, middle is stock, right is new bolt with the washers…


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