Seats That Do & Don’t Fit In An EK Hatch

Since no one had answers for me when I was asking, I thought I’d make a post to let people know what does and doesn’t fit in an EK hatch.

GSR Fronts (94-01) 3 of the 4 bolts fit, just swap the inner rails from stock seats to make all 4 fit.


GSR Rears – I’ve read on here that it works if you use the bottom cushin from a sedan, but the back pieces from the coupes ARE COMPLETLEY DIFFERENT! I had them in for a day, then took them out cuz the only thing holding them in place was the clip on the sides.

RSX Rears – PERFECT FIT!! The best way to go if you want leathers in your whip.

RSX Fronts – Fit, BUT WITH MODIFICATION to the brackets that bolt into the floor (you have to break the rivits/welds and put the brackets NOT THE RAILS the brackets from your stock seats on the RSX seats)


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