SiR Power Window Install

1999 – 2000 SiR Door Install On a 1996 – 1998 Civic.

I was looking for one of these for 3 or 4 days but didnt find anything so i got the PDF of the cars harness and figured it out…so this is to help all the ppl who need it now.

You will need to run 3 wires from the driver side switch to the passenger side switch, 2 wires from the Fuse box, and 2 Ground wires.

Driver to Passenger Side Wires:

Blue/Yellow Wire
Blue/Orange Wire
Green/Black Wire

One of the wires from the fuse box taps into the GREEN/BLACK wire witch Provides the power to the Passenger switch and Allows the Driver switch to open the passenger side Window.

The Second Wire From The Fuse Box runs to the BLUE Wire on the driver side switch which provides power for the Driver side.

There are 2 Black (GROUND) Wires on the Driver side, Ground Those wires to bare metal. ( Might need some sand paper to clean off paint or surface dirt, depending on where your going to ground)

I Know this is a little confusing to follow so i made of a quick photoshop picture of what im talking about.

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