SPC Rear Camber Kit Details

- impact gun
- air compressor
- large wrench
- 17mm socket
- jack
- jack stand

Jack up one side of the car so that the wheels are off the ground. Make sure that you’re on level ground and that you have the e-brake on. Unbolt the wheel bolts and take off the wheel. Support the drum brake with a jack stand. Unbolt the bolt that’s closest to the drum brake. On the passenger side of the car, the bolt is the closest to the front of the car. In the picture you can see which bolt to unbolt since everything is set up as if it was still on the car. Then unbolt the remaining bolts. This impact wrench comes in handy when removing all of these bolts. I was unable to unbolt them without it; although maybe if you’ve got a rather long wrench and you’re a big guy (or girl) then you can handle it.

Before proceeding clean off the bolts that you removed and the surrounding area as you don’t want any grime to get in the threads and throw off a torque reading.

Now, screw both ends of the camber kit in as far as they will go and bolt it on to the car’s frame with the two bolts. Please note the holes. One is round and the other is oval. For the passenger side of the car the oval hole should be towards the fron of the car. Both sides are symmetrical. First bolt down the side with the round hole and then bolt down the side with the oval hole. Then hold the end of the camber kit in one hand and turn the center part with the other so that you can bolt it down to the pivot point that’s near the drum brake. Use the large wrench to hold the bolt down and use the impact gun to force the nut onto the bolt. Then tighten it down using a torque wrench with a 17mm socket. Torque all of the 17mm bolts down to 45 foot pounds. Then simply tighten down the two nuts on the camber kit to lock in the setting you’re at. I tightened them with a wrench and I estimate their torque setting to be around 35 foot pounds.

I gave everything a good shot of WD-40 to prevent rust. I also cleaned the mating surfaces of the wheel and the hub and the threads of the wheel studs so that the wheel would mount onto the hub nice and flush.

Grey from civicforums

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