TDC Sensor (CMP Sensor) Replacement

hey guys, so i came acrossed the limping mis-firing low RPM annoying TDC Interitten Interuption Problem. so i tackled this project today. I know there are other DIY’s for this that i have seen. but thought i’d try to help out with my own. do this at you own risk. i am not responsible. Enjoy!

2001 Honda Civic LX Sedan- Automatic

I was already almost done, so mosts of it has been taken apart already. but these pics should still help you see what and where you’re looking for. All bolts were 10mm.

Step 1: Disconnect the Negative Battery Cable.

225868a595b85ce6b1fe9cea81f7634d  TDC Sensor (CMP Sensor) Replacement

Step 2: Remove the Plastic Ignition Coil Wire Cover by turning the 2 Screw hooks counter-clock wise and lift it off.

b98ce0701cdeb8408b54151f81864ebd  TDC Sensor (CMP Sensor) Replacement

Step 3: Unplug all Spark plug wires and remove each bolt for the ignition coils and put them a side. keep them in order from left to right (1 2 3 4) so you can put them in the same cylinder.

Step 4: Remove the 2 nuts on the Spark Plug Wiring Harness
4c68e5eb987114d394f8135630715a9d  TDC Sensor (CMP Sensor) Replacement

Step 5: Remove the two nuts on the Throttle Cables, unplug the wire on the left side of the valve cover and also de-tach the AC hose clamp from the back right side of the valve cover disconnect the PCV hose i believe on the back of the Valve Cover. push the throttle cables up and behind the Air Box.

063254f7e6dfc8def8d5d9ffaa853a34  TDC Sensor (CMP Sensor) Replacement

AC Hose Clamp
e3b26b0783473201fa18c2ee047f0bb0  TDC Sensor (CMP Sensor) Replacement

Step 6: I already had my valve cover off, but you may now loosen the bolts on it. i think there were 5. do it in this sequence couple turns at a time to prevent warping or any other damage to the valve cover.

6c961a5fe1b0f1e58a4b637f410af902  TDC Sensor (CMP Sensor) Replacement

Step 7: Unbolt the AC Hose Clamp so that you can slide the spark plug harness wires out of the way to take off the Valve Cover a little more Easily.

88da9aa9b116237adf04b26791531442  TDC Sensor (CMP Sensor) Replacement

Step 8:Remove the Valve Cover. start by gently lifting it from all sides around to make sure it is fully losse. start from the left and lift lighty. you need to angle it out under the AC Hose. again, mine is off. but this is how you would lift it out.

c8349918641f28d69f86c834ff73b1be  TDC Sensor (CMP Sensor) Replacement

Step 9: Cover the Head with a Tshirt, Rag, or any cloth that is big enough so that nothing falls into the head.

9f9231f3a8d00be1e15430fedfd871d9  TDC Sensor (CMP Sensor) Replacement

Step 10: Pull the Power Steering Reservoir straight up and push it to the side along with the hoses. DO NOT DISCONNECT THESE HOSES.

867984a87e3d5f084dab913d3f0cf906  TDC Sensor (CMP Sensor) Replacement

Step 11: Pull out the CMP(TDC Sensor) Wire Grommet, and unplug the wire.

2afd84563843f44e1ae28a80fe27fb02  TDC Sensor (CMP Sensor) Replacement

Step 12: Remove the 3 Nuts on the Upper Timing Belt Cover. the one on the far left is the hardest because its in a tight spot. i simply used a rachet and a 2″ extension. loosen it as much as you can with the ratchet then use a medum size extension and the 10mm socket without the ratchet and loosen it with your hand until you can use your bare hands. to get the bolt out. these are pretty small. be sure not to drop them below. once the three are removed you can pull the cover up and out under the AC Hose over the Coverd Head.

da458db10e652c1e7e588f1cb583ffff  TDC Sensor (CMP Sensor) Replacement

Step 13: Remove the 10mm Bolt on the Sensor and pull it out and then the sensor after. this one is very short so i suggest using the ratchet with a small turn just to loosen it. then take it out with you hand very slowly and do not remove you hand from this bolt. it’ll come out in a couple turns.

6dcbe4adda3109254f7998c7d54dcf53  TDC Sensor (CMP Sensor) Replacement

Step 14: Put the New CMP/TDC Sensor in mounting it with the same bolt. notice there is a small hole on in the position to hole the sensor in place. be careful putting the bolt in so you dont drop it.

CMP/TDC Sensor
e11e1fce7765992012ab38bd10a9f048  TDC Sensor (CMP Sensor) Replacement

Sensor Fitting Hole

Do the Reverse to put everything back together. hope this helps.

black28 from civicforums

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