type-r grille HOW TO

when i refer to grille: that is the black part
when i refer to trim: that is the part that i the color of your car.

i used this mesh from Home depot. it cost like 7 bux
Construction Metals, Inc.
utility screen roll
1/8″ galvanized expanded metal roll

being 25′ you have planty in case of mistakes or later road damage

remove fron facia
2 phillips screws in fenderwells
7 plastic fasteners across top
2 10mm bolts underneath

removing grille from facia
4 phillips screws underneath
2 metal clips on sides

removing trim from grille
8 phillips screws

cutting louvers from inside the grille
*DO NOT cut away the outside of the grille, as it is needed to bolt the whole thing back together!*

(a blade from a hacksaw works very well to cut the plastic, preferrably a fine toothes blade, like a metal cutting blade)

this is verey straightforward… cut out what you dont want … and thats pretty much it for now.
you can also finish sand where the cuts were to make it look that much better

cutting mesh for grille
cut a cardboard template to cut the real mesh

after mesh is cut, slots in the mesh will need to be cut so that slits of the trim may pass through (you will see what i mean when you get there)

the top of the mesh screening needs to be bent a bit…. toward the trim piece

sandwitch the mesh in between the grille and trim pieces, then bolt it up to make sure its fits properly. if it fits well you are ready to spray paint it. you can paint it whichever color you want, i used krylon ultra flat black.

now all thats left is bolting the thing back together and bolting the grille to the facia and the facia to the car…..YOU’RE DONE!!

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