Washer Nozzle Install for C/F Hoods

So i picked up a CF Hood today, and had to find a way to put my windshield washer nozzles on because around here you can’t deal without them, unless you like dirty streaked windsheilds… which would drive me absolutley insane.

Then i tried to find a DIY on it, but was hardpressed to find one, i had to piece stuff together from a bunch of different forums… very annoying.

So anyways here’s the product of all my work.

Things you need.

3/8″ New, SHARP, Drill Bit
1/4″ New, SHARP, Drill Bit (Optional)
Masking Tape
Assorted files (one round one and one triangle one preferrably)
645bf684fe9125105f71aebac230ae39  Washer Nozzle Install for C/F Hoods

1. Make a cardboard template of your OEM hood and where the nozzle hole is going to be, and it’s shape (it’s a weird shape, imagine a circle with a rectangle going through it. [O] ) Cut out the shape of the opening from the cardboard.
e860ce13b10d77a073ba6692ee852fff  Washer Nozzle Install for C/F Hoods

2. Put masking tape over the areas where the nozzles are going to go to lessen the chance of you damaging the clear or tearing any part of it.. (i used my template which you’ll see in a later pic to figure out the general area in which i’d have to drill.)
9fd7377b32fcf4faeb4c96e18182963c  Washer Nozzle Install for C/F Hoods

3. Trace the shape of the opening onto the tape through the template.
2d47512055edded5cd747f9f90538c5b  Washer Nozzle Install for C/F Hoods

4. You’ll need the 3/8″ drill bit to drill your hole, make sure it’s brand new and sharp as hell! you don’t want to skimp out here, you can pull the CF and kill that beautiful pattern. I drilled a pilot hole first to guide the big drill bit. Remember to drill through the whole in one smooth motion, don’t take your time. If you do it quickly you’ll have less of a chance of ruining the finish and the CF.
e8185d88bdfcef3b0f3f1a19d4391cda  Washer Nozzle Install for C/F Hoods
This is the pilot hole before i drilled the big one.

5. Remove the masking tape (or leave it on, i didn’t want the adhesive getting all ground up and stuck all over by the file) and start filing the edges away into your desired shape. Make sure you do a little at a time and take one nozzle off to test fit it as you go to make sure you don’t make the hole too big cuz then you’re SCREWED! (The nozzle comes off your stock hood with a pair of strong manly hands, or pliers to squeeze the tabs on the edges, and some finesse to pull the tube off the end)

43e17c1faa0db126b7e08d951cb197b1  Washer Nozzle Install for C/F Hoods
This is the hole almost finished

6. Put the nozzle into the hole.

0dcb955296ceaebb7e9cae3981a19a30  Washer Nozzle Install for C/F Hoods

As you can imagine it’s a very dusty process i was continually cleaning my hood, and at the end i cleaned it as well (after this pic) If you want a really tight fit you need to trim down the clips on the sides of the nozzles because the CF hood is thicker than your stock steel one, however as i still want to leave myself the option of just switching them back over to the stock one whenever i want, i left them the way they were. They fit just fine.

7. Install your hood and enjoy!

*Note – when you’re filing the holes make sure you don’t sit on an angle, otherwise you’ll end up having your nozzles pointing to the car beside you. Sit directly infront of your work.

Thankfully mine are only slightly off, which means they still cover my windsheild perfectly, only a perfectionist would notice the difference… like me


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