wetsanding headlights

for this i went with the following grits of automotive sandpaper and wetsand using water with soap in it to lubricate:

all this sandpaper is $2.79ea at CDN tire.

180 (only if really, really, REALLY bad)
Meguairs Plastx
Sanding block
bucket of water with soap in it
cloth x 3 (1 to keep area wet, 1 to dry area to see your progress, 1 for plastx)
buffer (orbital or highspeed if you have it, if not use cloth)

SANDING (gets as smooth as a baby’s butt)
sand for about 5 minutes per grit in a smooth steady motion, each grit will erase all lines from the previous, so when i got to 1500 and 2000, i used those just a tad longer.

START (look at that pitting and hazyness)
fa5633bc6a5d22907638bba8ff773750  wetsanding headlights

24414e9e3faa4ab48288c0211e535c49  wetsanding headlights

070c2cd13a3f9d5d2aaa035e51903fd0  wetsanding headlights

c4a1af3210e8d75189a9d0f9b8c84df1  wetsanding headlights

d26535c3e3f8ec6afdb856e6cfe40fb3  wetsanding headlights

e666e9dba794222a9c820c99028698cf  wetsanding headlights

then orbital buffer and meguairs plastx (or other buffing/polishing compound) which removes the cloudy part from all the sanding and leaves it crystal clear. did this for about 15 minutes and really worked it in the best i could applying about 3 coats of plastx.

32aae70713f6c2e1db14eb2c0e3b8536  wetsanding headlights

NOTE: a highspeed buffer would have removed all lines and make it shiny as hell, but i don’t have access to a highspeed buffer. i’d probably go 1800-2500rpm since its plastic and if it heats up it won’t be pretty. move it around alot and stop to feel how hot its getting, highspeed buffing makes alot of heat and if you melt a part of the lens, your ****ed. another trick to this is to use spray water to cool it down, i wouldn’t recommend this way unless you know what your doing and have done it before.

Why 180 grit, thats pretty heavy isn’t it?
yes, one of my headlights was so bad, it looks like it was from a 1990 civic that has never been washed. after this its crystal clear and you cannot see any scratches unless your like 1ft away, then you can see some small lines from wetsanding, this is because i had to go down to 180 grit to get all the pitting out. the drivers headlight was started at 400 and there are virtually no lines at all, but it was replaced at somepoint before, so it was much newer.

fa5633bc6a5d22907638bba8ff773750  wetsanding headlights


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