09 Honda Accord’s Horn Upgrade

This is easy and can be done within 15 minutes. The 09 Accord’s horn is much louder than the rinkydink Fit’s horn. No longer where you’ll be laughed at when they hear a freight train coming.
Materials needed:
- Flat head screwdriver
- 12mm Socket & Ratchet.
- 09 Accord’s Horn (Part #38100-STK-A02)
- 15 Minutes.

First remove these 8 Clips using a flathead screw driver to get access to the stock horn.

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Once you remove the panel, you have to remove these 2 clips in order to get to the 12mm bolt that’s holding the horn.
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Then remove the 12mm bolt
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09 Accord’s Horn vs. Stock 09 Fit
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Put everything back together & voila, easiest upgrade ever.
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For people with big hands, I recommend removing the plastic grille with the “H” emblem. Just a couple more clips and 2 screws.

Some important things to note:

  • The 8 clips from the large panel are NOT all the same. There are 6 small and 2 large clips. Make sure you take note of where the large ones go… they are a few millimieteres deeper. I believe they go in the far right/left positions, but always double-check!
  • When you remove the smaller panel (2 clips), it is practically impossible to do it without breaking the clips. In fact, College Hills Honda knows this because they are including 2 new clips with the new horn when you order it!
  • The Accord horn needs to be installed with the ‘opening’ facing down, so that there is no risk of water ever getting in there, and STAYING in there.
  • Because of the above, the connector of the horn will remain on the left side when you install it (not on the right as the original is located). So, you will have to pull on the wire to give it some slack or it won’t reach. If you try to be ’smart’ and install the horn the other way around (connector towards right, hole still facing down) it will be hitting the radiator, so this is really not a good move.

No more meep meep!!!!

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