12V Socket in cargo area

Let me show-n-tell what I did that you can expound on or just get ideas. I put an outlet at the back of my console. It would be just a little more involved going on back. I just used a little ring connector that I bent 90 dgs.and attached to one of the back “hot” screws on the engine compartment fuse box. By doing that, the top will fit snap back on if you trim it a little where the wire comes out and down. Then you go a couple inches to an inline fuse so that it is readily handy and you can tuck it away easily. I used cable ties to keep it clean. You can punch a holw in the grommet for heater hose (near middle), to run wire inside. Then I just took the four screws loose on the console and tucked the wires inside. (You can go under carpet or whatever to go all the way back. I put an outlet at the back of console. (If you do that, mount it about an inch lower than I did, so it doesn’t get in the way of the seat when folded down.) I also came off that same wire with an inverter I put under the passenger seat. (I have a laptop but no 12vdc adapter, plus I can use other 110vac things in my car.) Here’s a couple of pics:

Note the red wire w/fuseholder.

Note the part that needs to be trimmed off of fuse box cover.

This is just where I put mine, you can just go under carpet from the firewall.

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