Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

I did the switch on my 2007 Honda Fit Sport, and I know this DIY will work for most any GD3 with the L15A VTEC engine. I do not know at this time if it will be exactly the same on the GE8 L15A i-VTEC engine. It should be pretty close. The i-DSI L series engines found in JDM vehicles will have a different course of action since they have 8 plugs to worry about.

So first off, here are the tools you will need:

  • 10mm socket
  • 5/8″ Spark Plug Socket
  • Regular Ratchet and a Torque Wrench
  • Dielectric Grease
  • Anti-Seize or other lubrication
  • Ice cold beverage of your choice

Here we have tools and parts needed. I forgot to get some anti-seize for the plugs, so I used some Castrol synthetic oil I had in the garage.
acd8a6d725485726802949eb9d6c4ca0  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

I went with some E3 DiamondFire plugs. I have heard so many good things about these new plugs. Every test I have seen, they make real power on both an engine and chasis dyno. sometimes as much as 12-14hp! They are also able to be used in forced induction and nitrous applications, which of course you can’t do with platinum plugs. I got mine from Summit Racing High Performance Car and Truck Parts l 800-230-3030 for less than $5 each.
36beafc3345ed6aee311ca2b8c0dfc2f  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

I figured out afterward, that I didn’t really need to remove the cam cover, but I had already done it. You can skip that step since it would appear that it really doesn’t get in the way much.
21660b22189283c378febd6681b5e67a  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)
6ec19eafe4a2710ebd45c028331c98d0  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

Looking on the rear of the engine above the exhaust manifold heat shield, you will see the 4 coil packs with blue wiring harness clips attached.
24dcc471746041261cf217860507c45f  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

You will now use the 10mm socket and ratchet to remove the 10mm bolt holding the coil pack onto the head.
bc384eeec9cf13cb584d7cb03807a955  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)
c834a4ceac7b8d6177f75621b611bdbc  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

And now you want to unplug the blue wire harness from the coil pack. You can then pull the entire coil pack out of the spark plug well.
7e8a373105b8944a0c70eaf482832fad  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)
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451b6ff7c51d184d55314d3a6314746f  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)
9e9eb070788977a96b22e2a87645f865  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)
c520aa59872a3313ae444492099fb65f  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

Now you will use the 5/8″ spark plug socket with a medium extension in order to reach all the way down into the spark plug well to the spark plug. By using an actual spark plug socket instead of a regular socket, the rubber o-ring inside will grip the plug and allow you to pull it out of the head after loosening.
7af28c67147cf109f4ef798b16c5b00e  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)
ec71cb0a9adf28b31676cf53027ae497  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)
1888f8df716aa5e0a89616adada056f8  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

There are many references you can check in order to properly read a plug and it’s performance. This plug is functioning great. And the engine is neither running too lean, nor too rich. The light tan coating around this plug, with no oily residue means this engine is running very good. Considering I only have 19,000 miles, and I run Royal Purple Race Oil, and other than my SSR Intake and muffler delete, I have no other performance mods, this is too be expected.
95f84a3bc4f893fe8f36014ba181eef1  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

I was a bit surprised to see that the OEM Honda plugs were Denso Iridium. Nice, expensive, high quality plug! No wonder they last 100,000 miles before replacing.
1632bf300d1900b7d0f06fb5f01d077a  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

And here we compare the Iridium plug with the E3 DiamondFire plug.
c6cc856ffcc7fe7d8bf565cc511d3857  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

The E3 plugs come pre-gapped. If you have to gap your plugs, then .044″ is the recommended gap size. It is at this point you will want to coat the threads with either anti-seize or a quality oil to ensure that you get proper torque when installing the plugs. Also make triple sure the washer is on the plug. Iron heads have a tapered seat plug, and aluminum heads use a washer type plug.
ab3101dfb4ff72effddf50e67a0f25d4  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

When installing the new plugs, you want to start with just the extension without the ratchet. You will want to be careful to not cross-thread the plug into the head. Remember this Honda head is aluminum and you can very easily tear up the threads of this rather soft metal. So be careful and take your time. Tighten the plug down finger tight. You will want to then finish it up with a torque wrench to around 15ft/lbs. I have tried to locate an exact spec, but I have not been able to yet. I do know that most Honda aluminum heads require a spark plug torque of between 13-20ft/lbs. Be careful to not strip out the threads by putting the nut-buster super-grip tightening wrench of death to it.
f8bb064e8d4cbcd24cb2746beeec9c4d  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

Now you will need the dielectric grease to coat the interior of the coil pack. This will ensure good conductivity between the coil and the plug. It will also keep moisture out. Use a generous amount.
caf45eb57a9323865b52da42f00386b1  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)
e234709d12cbeda20ea8666ffad9e875  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)
e64180cc4003ee818da2943a8967a5c2  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

Now re-install the coil pack onto the spark plug.
b762ee331d901b3095a289311b3b04d8  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

You want to be sure and also either use anti-seize on the coil pack retaining bolts or a quality oil, as I did in my situation.
adb5bedf8a1ffb093647c8d99f69f47e  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)
796e542aff7f2a6ba615d3873e2e1e76  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

You will need to again be careful to not cross-thread the bolts into the aluminum head. Again torque them down to around 10-15ft/lbs.
bc6c326f9f98f96f420b5f6892d049e9  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)
c7f181969ec40a64436f8bfc0373b9ca  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

Remember to re-attach the blue wire harness clip to the coil pack.
451b6ff7c51d184d55314d3a6314746f  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)
ac3b5ed2af0823f1763dd520949d0d1e  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

You will want to repeat these steps for the other three plugs.
bb4a6d5423cc1ca2054b48d5cba9436e  Changing Spark Plugs (L15A VTEC)

Triple check to make sure everything is torqued down correctly and that all coil pack connectors are connected. Then reinstall the cam cover if you removed it like a dummy like me!

Finish off your ice cold beverage and enjoy your new plugs!!

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