Headlight painting

make sure you get yourself spay paint and
adhesion promoter.
9d099064322005ee3a2f491f74031cdd  Headlight painting

first start off by removing your fog lights.
it’s just one screw right in the front and a clip in the back.
d28f82f49b8927ac3f451dc0f4e83746  Headlight painting

pop your hood and take a look at my picture.
pop all these tabs off with a screw driver. i have
circled everything to make it easy.
2b53609a55d7b10c5ce6168ceb2b3758  Headlight painting

if you noticed two of the clips are a different color.
this is because two of my clips are longer.
they yellow ones are longer and the red ones
are shorter.
09e3915ef33cd0880a7667f486198b5f  Headlight painting

now i jacked up the car and put it on jack stands. this
makes the whole process easy to me since my car is lowered.
don’t forget to put on the E brake.
78b9809cf14f30b97d9e3a1ea251ca71  Headlight painting

now that we have the car in the air start taking out all the clips
on the bottom engine cover and half of your fender well.
1356555fa00aea747b39a120bd9b9871  Headlight painting

15df6f149cac25e2a59b883c4ddb3ab9  Headlight painting

and for the fender well repeat on the other side also.
10a63180188fe514ac072350c9d14a66  Headlight painting

now your plastic engine cover from under should be gone and
your fenders should look like this.
8cfccb79437a8fdde6f944933513dd5d  Headlight painting

before we forget lets go back to the top of the car
and take off all the plugs for the bulbs to the headlights.
i took off the whole thing with the bulb. makes it easy.
83174930ca94b29e7c457f768178df63  Headlight painting

while we are up here take off these headlight bolts. 10mm
0ffc59ae05c9b73834bc3e9bdd79ed12  Headlight painting

after you take those 2 off on each side. there is 2 more on
each side right here.
they are located right behind the grill.
701a2028e185a889bf1837401c20bff3  Headlight painting

all this should get your front end almost off by now.

now your bumper is almost ready to come off.
if you have a spare set of hands around get
ready to call them. this makes it alot easier.

on each side of the car under the fender you will
see one screw.
you kind of have to look up and towards the front
of the car and you will see it. now take both of them off.
these are the last two screws holding your bumper on.
0b460cf122a99967b97eb054da0b8830  Headlight painting

after you take those out.
get these bolts out. one on each side.
right in the same area. just look back further.
towards the front of the car.
this is also the last headlight bolts.
d7ecd7a0457ff2ecb292650cbc36f3da  Headlight painting

wratchet wrench works best on this.

now get you extra man and both of you at the same time
on each side pull your bumper off like so.
b360174efbe10e74b93f2bb316afd993  Headlight painting

just pull back and the whole assmbly bumper and headlights will
come right out.
headlights now should just unclip off of there brackets and you
should have this.
002b21cff67559469de7d0b12b9c3a07  Headlight painting

47ebe9dbade218c51a3fba87296a6198  Headlight painting

also for those of you going to do HID fogs this is where i mounted
my ballasts.
it’s basically right behind the foglight itself. right on the frame.
d0d20521c487b072d596f7c501ab365a  Headlight painting

now take your lights to a place were you can work safely.
carpet is the best.
take all the screw and bulbs out.
6e79615fa661658dcbf80c4c1eb6996f  Headlight painting

don’t forget to take the headlight clip also.
f5b34a3c1d53f62fbf33e76643cb5037  Headlight painting

Just so everyone knows i didn’t take out the bolt in the picture.
this is the headlight adjustment bolt.

now that the headlights are stripped we can clean them.
i cleaned the headlights just cause i was worried something
might get baked in. so i maid sure they were spotless.
bug and tar remover and glass cleaner.
f9c675e81b7264201a6732d2adf8d32a  Headlight painting

ccce6e10d631dc02c6847efdb138ce8e  Headlight painting

now pre heat your oven to 300F
as you are waiting for your oven to pre heat
take a look at your headlights. get to know them.
so you know what your up against.
have your self a set of GLOVES also. gets a little hot.
look at all the clips.
010dcf9f318c17d4fe1d13a81f444a73  Headlight painting

all these clips you will need to pry back in order to pop
your headlights apart.

NOTE: your going to do this prying after you get it out of
the oven.
Also you will need one Flat head screwdriver for this to do
the prying.

now i have no pics for this but you all know what a headlight is the
oven looks like.

when your oven is done preheating you can start.
put your headlight in there one at a time.
Time it for 5 minutes.
if you don’t feel safe do 4 minutes.
but i assure you 5 minutes does the trick.
i only had to put them in once.

after 5 minutes pull it out and start working quick to
pry all those tabs i should you earlier. use your screwdriver.
once you pulled all those tabs back it’s time to start prying
on the housing itself. keep using your screwdriver till you get
enough out to where you can get it with your hands alone.
9e855a2ed264e6680091f23be95ba0a6  Headlight painting

just keep pulling like so.
af23517db53bcac46d19e1896c68c21a  Headlight painting

by now it should be apart. if it’s not put it back in the oven for
3 to 4 minutes more and repeat prying.

if you have been successful you should have this.
d3c2f314ca6f564f14107ff2d5f86ec8  Headlight painting

now that one is apart let it sit and cool off.
while it’s sitting pop the other headlight in and repeat.

let them both sit for 10 to 15 minutes each to cool off.

after they have cooled off take these screws off.
3 on each side.
23861538279dc7c49b16386fec22c42d  Headlight painting

f0bc04f0fd175c19646cddfd55707d5a  Headlight painting

just swing the trim up and it should come right out
with no problems.
note: swing the pointed end up (turn signal side)

repeat on both side and you should have them out.

FYI it’s very hard to get the reflector off so if your not
sure don’t attempt.
just get masking tape and tape it off.
i managed to get mine off with a minor chip/crack.
anyway after you have done this please clean them well.
use glass cleaner and get all smears off.
after you clean them make sure you don’t touch the surface
you are going to be painting. grab from under the housing
and place the somewhere safe.
f16545540ee4c9870245dfb0d97efa62  Headlight painting

now get you adhesion promoter and shake well like it says on the
apply yourself at least three coast on each trim.
wait at least 2 minutes between coast or follow
your cans instructions.
make sure you look throughly after every coat and make sure
you get every inch of the surface.
5936c1a7dc47e7e67b187faeab2c05d0  Headlight painting

bed71cd3232c5ed70e63f1de5e1ecdf6  Headlight painting

these 2 pics above are after the promoter has been applied.

remember follow your instructions on the can.
after promoter has dried for 10 minutes start with your paint.

do several thin coats to be safe. and allow for some drying time
in between coats. i did about 4 thin coats.
now you should have something like this.
3ba4b4987ad05e1ca62092b5604d4ff3  Headlight painting

i let mine sit in the sun to rush the drying process.
mine sat for 20 minutes in the sun to dry.
after that they were dry and ready to go back on.

now start the whole process backwards and your done.
put your three screws back on like so.
23861538279dc7c49b16386fec22c42d  Headlight painting

now your ready to put back in the oven.
peheat again to 300F.
put headlight and housing together best you can.
then put in the oven for 4 minutes.
then take out and snap all your clips back on.
press really hard. it’s very tough.
010dcf9f318c17d4fe1d13a81f444a73  Headlight painting

it’s going to be tough to get them all to go back
but they will go back
Hint: bent them back before you put in in the oven.

now that you have the two pieces together wait again like 10 to
15 minutes to put all screws back on.
while your waiting do the other side.

after you have done both sides and all screws are back on you
should have this.
f9c675e81b7264201a6732d2adf8d32a  Headlight painting

Note: don’t forget to turn your oven off after you take apart
and put back together.

now you all done finally.
just use the instructions in reverse and put the car
back together.
easier said then done.lol
just remember to have that second person to put the bumper
back on. make it alot easier.

Note: don’t forget to clean your lens with bug cleaner/glass cleaner.
before you put in the oven. that glue stuff will get on there while your
handling the headlights.
also clean them again after you put them on your car.

also don’t forget to silicone them before you put them back
on the car.
3a2ee2caf16740382ece3b24f3c56423  Headlight painting

and now the finished product.
b7e6d31551b573d7e19d407f9a0b1193  Headlight painting

41ed3d2af6d0dbe4a78e70eda9f54b5a  Headlight painting

7bc33d2a8185fb3fe1fb0aca829ac2e0  Headlight painting

7362ec5cc3f05d9478fceb0a2e1ffed2  Headlight painting

39c69797e2c84fb56c8a982b56d651f3  Headlight painting

706320236c03a06b3706a3600205b22c  Headlight painting

83f3cf45812aedcec249183d3a5f9e83  Headlight painting

9740d0733eb70403049c2717a42d908f  Headlight painting

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