Ignition Light Ring DIY

pics of product.
e90002b6cccc7f26ff23e8d6e575619b  Ignition Light Ring DIY

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this pic above is the ring opened and preped for install.
if you notice i have an eye-let attached to black.
add a fuse to red
and a connector on blue.

all tools supplies you will need are:
wire crimps/strippers
to wire connecters (the red ones you will see in pics later)
one eye-let connector
one add a fuse wire
male and female connector (to make a wire longer)
phillips screw driver
flat head screw driver

okay first picture shows all 4 parts you have to remove.
note all parts just pull right off except the steering column
cover. if you look at the pics. you will see two holes on the
bottom of steering column. these two holes have phillips head
screws in them along with another one by the steering wheel
adjuster. is is right above the handle where you adjust the
steering wheel. so total you have 3 phillips head screws.
985ccadf07fc824e7df32dba1fc83fdd  Ignition Light Ring DIY

after you remove all 3 screws move to the fuse box access door open it
via handle under the 3 blank slots.

57e584202d5b83d89a392708950e1073  Ignition Light Ring DIY

now that you opened it unhook it. (just pull on it carefully and
it will come right off)
now that the door is off you will see this

dcaa95ef4ea2c096f54e29981f4b8363  Ignition Light Ring DIY

now you have to remove the tray on the bottom.
if you look on the bottom of the tray you will see
a twist knob on the far left side (closest to the door)
the other side is just a snap.
look at the pic above and you will see what it looks like from the top.
this knob holds the tray in.
twist it pull it down so the other side unsnaps and its off.
this is a pic twisted ready to come off
18cde5e1150910579eee0e1a001ae485  Ignition Light Ring DIY

now we go back to the steering column.
this is made up of two peices.
top and bottom.
i pulled them apart by getting a small skinny screw driver
and putting a rag over it.
i stuck the screw driver with the rag in the headlight hole and in the
wiper hole. just pull the driver up towards the sky and the top will
unclip from the bottom. like so.

7293ef53219173bd550147cbddd005db  Ignition Light Ring DIY

now make sure you release your steering wheel ajuster. (open it so that the steering wheel can go back and forth up and down.
pull it out all the way and down. now remove the top.

now keep the wheel all the way out but lift it this time all the
way up. remove the bottom peice make sure your carefull. you have to guide it through the lever.

now you have everything off.

now we can begin to connect the wireing
but first you have to locate the connectors and color wires that you
need to splice into.

okay lets get the wires on the key ring
you have red,black,yellow and blue.

red is 12v constant
black is ground
yellow is switched by ignition.
we will be hooking this one up to
gray wire.
blue is door lock unlock
we will be hooking this one up to
the brown wire with silver spots.

okay lets start with the igniton switch.
look at the pics and look for the silver wire.
this is the one to hook up to.
9de85c576f05019aa7d8865cb442c732  Ignition Light Ring DIY

hook it up like so.
yellow to silver.
ac53defe7f054645b0c3f78c458dec78  Ignition Light Ring DIY

now that we have the silver hooked. don’t worry if you hear the door bell
chime. this means it’s working and you have the right wire.

now lets move to the ground.
i put it here.
2e8c94033653d49a8eaff700d19ab16a  Ignition Light Ring DIY

this picture above also shows a good view of the yellow attched
to the gray.

now we can move onto the red.
once this is attached you door chime will silence.
with the add a fuse your basically in control.
you can put it just about anywhere in your fuse box.
this is why i picked this method.
i hooked it up here.
f045b650c1774bdbaaa536196c5abf71  Ignition Light Ring DIY

alright now we are almost done
all we have left is the blue wire.
look for a clip on your fuse box. it’s green
and on the bottom left hand corner.
look at the pics. i have multiple pics with different
angles so don’t get confused.
look at my pics and look for the brown wire with silver
i have pulled it out a little so you can see.
e9edb12d0b8bf09fb5298115e2dc2aa8  Ignition Light Ring DIY

2262cf9eced514e7cdda12a8a98d29e9  Ignition Light Ring DIY

38afae42a513197d2224860a10dd1cb1  Ignition Light Ring DIY

okay now that we have located the brown wire we can attach the blue
wire to it.
now mind you that i extened the blue wire. so it has chaged color to green. so don’t get confused.

also a side note the blue wire was the only wire i had to extend.

okay so here are pics connected.
8a99384e58041605be607e58d0f38fdf  Ignition Light Ring DIY

77f59ec519034383875645fb180996dc  Ignition Light Ring DIY

here is a pic also of where the blue changes to green. (the only wire i extended)
61e03f200f0ecf52f66faa859e615c22  Ignition Light Ring DIY
well now we are done.

don’t forget to put a zip tie on the harness.
64879ec48d684fd42301ba17db6d9155  Ignition Light Ring DIY

now you can put everthing back together in the same process but

the only thing i have to add is one thing. when putting the steering wheel
peices back on there is a trick to it.
look at the pic
fb9f1254ddc8cc13543a2968e69ad3d8  Ignition Light Ring DIY

this is a pick with the bottom on and the top off. pic is from the top of the steering column.
look at the right and left side top of steering column opening. do you see
the rectangular holes? i hope you do.
it is very improtant you put the top cover on hooks first or it won’t
clip on properly.

so there you have it.

so here are a few pics when it’s on.
ca61931eea60111defa287acc7718317  Ignition Light Ring DIY

c493e17cbf6f8d50f906469a96a5c5c6  Ignition Light Ring DIY

ca4f70a457be39f8bd93a5485e13333f  Ignition Light Ring DIY

blue is when door(s) unlocked
red is when car is locked
flashes red also like a security feature.

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