Install Cup Holder LED’s GE8

I dont know if Honda was lazy or they felt it wasnt necessary, but the thing that bothered me was i couldnt see a damn thing in the car at night. i had to feel around for stuff especially around the cup holder area. my scion tc and my dads TL all have Leds near the headliner that shine down and illuminate the center console. however i did not want to cut up the headliner because thats a big piece to replace in the case you mess up. so i chose to do it in the panel right above the cup holders. So like the TL and the tC, the LED’s turn on when you turn the parking lights and head lights on, so i followed suite.

1. two 3mm LEDs (color of your choice)
2. two 3mm LED holders
3. several feet of 18-22 gauge wire (whichever gauge u want to use)
4. wire strippers
5. power drill
6. 1/4″ wire loom
7. one wire tap

1. take out the panel by using a SUPER stiff wire hook. place the hook under the panel and tug. found this to be the easiest. damn panel is hard to take off.

2. look at the back side of the panel and mark off where u want the LEDs to sit. for mine, i drilled the holes near the bottom because i do not want to see the LED holders or LED when driving the car, but its up to you. the way i did it was trace the panel onto a piece of cardboard and by using some measurements drilled the cardboard. i essentially made a mock piece to see if i liked the placement of the LED’s. I will later update this DIY by posting up a template for you guys to print out and cut out if you like my placement.

02920ae5c59111ee17b999c8123db901  Install Cup Holder LED’s GE8

3b9c581cc2ce431214cc144686f64ec4  Install Cup Holder LED’s GE8

3. this is what it essentially looks like for the wiring. just solder the + together and have one wire lead, same goes for the -. i used a connector in case i wanted to take the panel out i wouldnt have to cut the wire at the fuse box and re-tap.

e655c8b6e46838b77a2d28dbf5d15643  Install Cup Holder LED’s GE8

4. time to route the wires from under the dash. where you zip tie the wire loom is totally up to you. just make sure its away from moving parts (i.e the steering column, brake and gas pedal). now look at the fuse panel where all the connectors are. there are 3 BIG connectors, from top to bottom: blue, green, white. you want to tap into a wire thats in the blue top connector. the wire you want is GRAY and is i think the 7th from the left on the top row. you can see the tap i used. use your + wire to tap into this because it is a switched power (by the headlight/parking light switch). found this by using my multimeter for about 1 hour hahah.

5. now that u tapped into this with the power wire, take your ground wire and chasis ground it somewhere.

6. and now check if they turn on with the headlight switch and voila:
(sorry for the blurry pic, all i had were my hands and holding my breath haha no tripod)

3d0e2bc90c09bc3bb282e65ddffe6152  Install Cup Holder LED’s GE8

c82609957d38aaa6d8a9604f758abf17  Install Cup Holder LED’s GE8

when your driving you cant see the LEDs directly. that was my main objective. its reflective light. oh and like my foot well lights? lol oh im just guessing here… FIRST 2009 Honda Fit with the new Pioneer Avic Z110BT (of course DIY’d also )

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