Install Sound Deadening/Proofing

The eDead I bought on eBay from Elemental Designs, but you can get it cheaper from the actual website Elemental Designs and use the 20% off coupon that is floating around in their forums. It was about $65 shipped after the 20% off coupon for 60 sqft and I paid $70 for 60 sqft but also got a roller. You don’t really need the roller, but it is nice to have.

The neoprene and adhesive spray I purchased from The Foam Factory. Here’s a directly link Neoprene Sheets, Rubber, Poker Table Foam, Neoprene Pads. I got two rolls of the 72″x42″ Neoprene High Quality 1/4″ Thick. I paid $51 shipped for a total of 48 sqft of neoprene and one can of adhesive spray.

The 3M All-Weather Duct Tape cost less than $6 at your local autoparts store.

To make the job easier you may want some GooGone to take off the sticky mess that holds the plastic sheet to the door inbetween the door panel and the door. You also need some rubbing (denatured) alcohol to clean up the areas before applying the sound deadening. A measure tape, box cutter, and a wooden block also are helpful.


I put eDead V1.2 in the following areas.

- Single layer inside and outside (door panel side) of front doors.
- Single layer inside of rear doors and just covered up the holes on the outside part of the door (door panel side).
- Single layer in entire trunk plus a second layer over the areas that had OEM sound deadening.
- Single layer over rear wheel wells plus a second layer on the areas that hard OEM sound deadening.

I put a single layer of closed-cell neoprene in the following areas.

- All the door panels
- Trunk
- Rear wheel wells

I bought 60 sqft of eDead V1.2 and 48 sqft of neoprene and one can of adhesive spray. I have some eDead left just enough to finish the rear outside of the doors if I wanted to. I am guessing about 5 sqft left. I may use it to do the hatch door since it is small. I have at least 15 sqft of neoprene left and half a bottle of the adhesive spray. I also decided to buy some 3M All-Weather Duct Tape and make sure the eDead doesnt fall apart on me. lol I used up 3/4 of the roll.


The tools and eDead I used to sound deaden the car. The only thing missing in this picture is the roll of neoprene.

How the OEM Sound Deadening looked like before I put the new sound deadening over it.

First layer of eDead. You can put down bigger sheets if you are comfortable doing so. If you have any bubbles you can poke a hole and squeeze the air out that way.

Finished up with the neoprene in the spare tire well and rear fender area.

eDeaded the inside and little on the outside of the rear door since I didn’t buy enough to complete the rear doors.

Neoprened the rear door panel.

The door in stock form. I removed the plastic sound deadening and the grey goo with some GooGone and paper towels.

The door after I cleaned it with a layer of eDeaded inside the door.

Pic of the holes I cut after laying down the eDead. It was easy to do it this way.

eDead completed inside/out

Neoprened the front door panel.

The amount of eDead I put down and neoprene was pretty good in terms getting all the parts to fit back on properly. In the rear I had some trouble securing the plastic back down since it was so much thicker with the eDead and neoprene layer, but it went in with some work and fits very snuggly.

I am pretty satisifed with the noise level in the car now. If I were to do any more sound deadening, I would do the firewall and probably add more neoprene to the rear area of the wall.


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