Installing Mugen Visor

The box of clips with the pins to hold the clip onto the visor.

One clip attached to the visor.

Masking tape applied onto the back of the adhesive strips. This helps in the removal of the tape.

The packet of a towelette soaked in toluene. This helps promote the adhesion of the tape onto the surface you wipe with the toluene after you clean the area with isopropyl alcohol.

Here are two pictures of the window lining pulled down to expose the sill to enable you to push the clips onto the window sill.

Once you position the visor on then you need to push the window lining back into place. This will help hold the visor in place before you remove the tape and allow you to maintain the position of the visor on the door.

It was noted in the instructions that you wanted the visor 2mm below the top edge of the door. The instructions that I’ll scan later show this.

And here are some pictures of the final look. I need to tint my windows still.


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