Installing Xenith Xenons HID Kits

The title said it all. After looking around the forums and many requests, I decided to show how to install Xenith Xenons on our car and where to run the cables and also place the ballast and everything else. So follow these easy step, and you will have a clean set up of Xenith Xenons HID Kit installed.

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Required Tools:
-Flat head
-Philip screw driver
-10mm & 12 mm sockets
-10mm wrench
-zip ties
-ice cold drink

Time: 1 to 2 hours (it depend to you)

Step one: Removing the bumper

You are require to remove your bumper to install the ballast and bulbs.
When open your hood there are 4 black body clips (#44 on the parts layout) that hold the upper part of your bumper, using the flat head you can pop them out.

Now there 4 more body clips ( these are longer and bigger) on the bottom and two screws w/ washer also(#54 on the parts layout), use philip head to take them out.

Now there are two more screws one each side from the wheel wells, use a philip head to unscrew them.

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Now removing the bumper itself is fairly easy, first from the side (fender) pull it out and if you get suck around the headlights area, use the flat head to unlock these black taps that is holding the bumper and the headlight together. But usually if you pull the side it will unlock itself. Do the same thing on the other side.

Now the side are off, now pull out the bumper from the center. The bumper will come right off. You will see the fog lights wires. To unhook them use a flat head and push outwards.
Now the bumper will completely come off.

178801b196e3459e9bad5e2424c05861  Installing Xenith Xenons HID Kits

Step 2: Removing the head units

There four 10mm bolts (#16, 17, 18 on the part layout)( #18 is horizontal) that hold the headlights to the cars, unscrew them.

67fbc8951efe05b418923bb5fd0ba954  Installing Xenith Xenons HID Kits

On the driver there is plastic shield, use the flat head to unclip the clips and remove the shield.

Now your Fit should look like this.

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Step 4 installing the ballast.

If you look on the side, after removing the headlights, you will have an open area and there are two holes, use the upper one to mount the ballast. But before you mount the ballast to the car, take out the ballast holder and turn holder around, so when you mount the ballast, all of the plugs and cables are facing upward. Screw it on tight and you be fine, it wont move and shake.

This is the driver side.
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This is the passenger side.

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Step 4 The installing the cables

If you just recently brought the HID Kit from XX you may have the newer and improved cable w/ one ground and cover by black rubber/ silicon pipe, which I personally like this one better then the early ones. So first w/ the fuse box, stuff it inside where there is thick cable on the driver side.
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bea6680d5e074221477576830cb9da74  Installing Xenith Xenons HID Kits

Once you stuff the fuse box, zip ties the cable to the thick cable.
The red and ground go through the open on to other side where the battery and fuse box is. ( follow the red line for the + and black/ground)
The red cable can go underneath the the fuse box, by lifting up the fuse box. To lift the fuse box, unclipping the clips on the right hand side. For the ground cable you can connect it to a 12mm bolt find right next to the battery

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4506a26659063217884bad41712148ef  Installing Xenith Xenons HID Kits

After connecting the red cable to the battery and the ground to the 12mm bolt, it time to run the cable across to the other side and best place to run the cable is the beam right above the radiator, push the hid cable into other cable to keep in place.

It is hollow from the inside.
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b4e8084632e9cd70bbc85857b5a26897  Installing Xenith Xenons HID Kits

Once run the cable across, connect the cable to the ballast and we are done installing the cable part.

Step 5 Installing the bulb (H4)

Now we are looking at the headlight itself. To remove the stock bulb, first take off the rubber seal and unhook the lock that hold the bulb. And take out the bulb, before installing the new bulbs, you need to cut off a little bit of the rubber seal to allow the new bulbs to fit. Cut the inner part of rings off and try is out. You shouldn’t worry about water lacking through, because the design of the headlight doesn’t let water come in that area. But if you cut off the inner part only, it should still provide protection.

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Step 6
Now connect all the cables and place the headlights back w/ the new bulbs. and screws all the bolts back on to the head units, and before putting back on the bumper, you need to test out the bulbs. So for testing turn on your car, switch on the light to the first one then to the second one, check if both side are lite up and now try the high beam, For new HID there is 15 min break in period, so drive around your neighborhood, remember your bumper is still off.

c7c99ab147f9d855511a3a98c6b2f30a  Installing Xenith Xenons HID Kits

So now you have HID light on your Fit and also clean set up too. So no one know that you have HID in till you turn on your lights I have installed XX kit on few Fit and other car, and they love the kit. Like some other FitFreaker have said before XX kit are made for are car. So I hope this DIY help you out on your new HID kit from XX and where to place the ballast and run a clean set up. If any one have any ??? or need help on installing the kit, just hit me up. Thanks to George for providing great Kit and KoolKevin for providing the information. Hit up George from Xenith Xenons if want some HID now after reading my DIY.

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