Lowering your GE8 Fit

For this install we are using the RS*R suspension sytem.
this install can apply to all springs also.
3cec4278d6c143f49659601915fba8d1  Lowering your GE8 Fit

here is a pic of the springs
then you will see a before and after pic.

c194a335fca97e175ca86f370a5c33ec  Lowering your GE8 Fit

f4650c8d5ebffab450a9b3547f2a4fac  Lowering your GE8 Fit

d907b428441ee16a0ecc14587916eff7  Lowering your GE8 Fit

first things first. i like to know what i did so here are the measurements before we start.

left rear before
c2ad41cdf95d81bd9ea01b2e795659ed  Lowering your GE8 Fit

left front before
348f32cf61c1faf771a28739efa521e6  Lowering your GE8 Fit

right front before
97666981b1bf4f581c7269f42f159751  Lowering your GE8 Fit

right rear before
994a4a0a9cd259e3c6a81dd90a7218a0  Lowering your GE8 Fit

left front bumper before

68758f65a36b7285aefae22898a205ed  Lowering your GE8 Fit

right front bumper before
3cc4d471080586932e87572bf16ce61c  Lowering your GE8 Fit

front bumper center before
e23b7ad1530db397046789a75c2dba9c  Lowering your GE8 Fit

left rear before
f05ecf1c1edce2b35def3f2bfc5861bd  Lowering your GE8 Fit

left front before
783eaca76b1cf7cbf816bb67086ff5f1  Lowering your GE8 Fit

right front before
f78f691e39317ac20d0029da0b0c3654  Lowering your GE8 Fit

right rear before
2ec2cdc470dfcafcf4a2bd02af5cbe8e  Lowering your GE8 Fit

thats all of the measurements i need. now we can
start this project.

first we have to take the wipers off and all the plastice under
them to gain access to the strut towers.
so take off the rubber caps on you wipers like so
e9845b3765ff7da728459753cea9c945  Lowering your GE8 Fit

now you can unbolt your wipers via 14mm socket.
make sure you swing the wipers up one at a time
when unbolting the. makes it easier.
d2766848d753e1b8ec715cdebad209f6  Lowering your GE8 Fit

078edd89f1849bc150b7606159316e6c  Lowering your GE8 Fit

now that we have the wiper off prop the hood up to the highest postion
so that the hood is vertical like so.
8c11c5d8abc7e6c3696961524f3ddc8f  Lowering your GE8 Fit

i didn’t even know i had this option untill i did this job

now take off the rubber gasket that goes across the top
99f2be2523a8e7bd05c123a81a4d6029  Lowering your GE8 Fit

now we can take off the three access panels. one to the left.
and two to the right. use a small screw driver here.
e793edf85da01311b7ae3882e352f052  Lowering your GE8 Fit

fe1df3cfc15bc195199898163e372fa1  Lowering your GE8 Fit

after removed it should look like this.
also while your looking. now we can see the
strut towers and the bolts we have to remove.
4d65c1a5ca012ae2378b3664fc630d7a  Lowering your GE8 Fit

e7d8f2a85f0b234abdcfaf0cab3dde75  Lowering your GE8 Fit

now take apart the washer hose like so.
note: make sure you do it just like i got.
cause if you pull thw white connector on
the other side it wont come out the whole.
4193131b3c8c24b3ea65127dbaefca5f  Lowering your GE8 Fit

now pull it out like so.
4d6c9c9e99a58979d575fb7d8d16b1ff  Lowering your GE8 Fit

now get small pliers and take these two black snaps
c234210a1f4b023e1ec3c9be172859f0  Lowering your GE8 Fit

e45cefb863535b5ffa582193af691233  Lowering your GE8 Fit

now for the hardest parts be carefull so you don’t brake any clips.
undo the two small triangular plastics under the points of the hood.
fare left and right ones
by the piller.
8107d2f4dbf0ef3e840d7d1879c65a5b  Lowering your GE8 Fit

c25e2f6fff0e60d50be68c26c80f1eb1  Lowering your GE8 Fit

if you look at this picture you will see 3 clips i believe ther is 4.
be carefull you don’t snap them.
c1390953f680c3b377d602dc7ba8ecb8  Lowering your GE8 Fit

now we can pry off the big piece. start by prying on the windshield
side so you don’t damage your clips on the other side that i just
showed you.
this is what you’ll get once removed.
8251b02b8437a61808d0be1b4b82b719  Lowering your GE8 Fit

this is by far the hardest part of this job.
i am posting alot of pics so people know
what there up against.

so lets move on.
now that we got the bigg panel off take the
small on off and you will have this. presto.
e9c44759648a7832b2f3bec5c1f71a58  Lowering your GE8 Fit

now lets look at this.
425258af329bbcb445caa82e60a777a0  Lowering your GE8 Fit

make sure you unplug the wire harness first.
now unbolt it via 4 bolts 10mm.
like so.
7f62e01530b4e0b0885e802ca016e41f  Lowering your GE8 Fit

now we are finally done with this mess.
we can finally start the really job at hand.

now make sure you take off the rubber caps on the strut tower
bolts. a little hint when putting all back together. if you don’t
how much to tighten look at the rubber. should fit on there
whats else. oh make sure before you start break all your bolts
loose first. so there is no surprises.

i did one side at a time. only one jack.
i also started on the drivers side.
with the wheel off and the car jacked up also
wheels are chucked and e-brake is on.
lets see what we have.
ef60961e607a620007c37f0c5154354c  Lowering your GE8 Fit

as you can see from the pic above there is alot of stuff to unbolt
and pry off to do this job.
first your abs wire. it has two rubber hold that just pull right out
and one clip. you will need small pliers for the clip. unhook all of that.
now take your brake line holding bolt out also i think it 10mm.
thats done.
got to the sway bar link now and remove that.
i think this is a 14mm nut.
now all the stuff is out of the way.
remove now the two strut bolts that attach to the spindle.
they are19mm bolts and nuts.
now remove the bolt on top of the shock
tower 17mm bolt.
a1a1321eec233612e40678dcc7b0fefb  Lowering your GE8 Fit

2d0841a37f7de60e910bf75193be48b0  Lowering your GE8 Fit

and now you have this laying on the floor.
f6afb87c698e4859ebdc2c840f28d6bd  Lowering your GE8 Fit

next take the strut tower bushing off.
note: remember which way it goes back on.
6c587a28bf7fa36559eeebffb23bd090  Lowering your GE8 Fit

now we can attach that spring compressing tool to the strut.
you can get these as rental for free front auto zone or
advance auto parts stores. you get all your money back
upon returning the tool.
8a72fa860f9fb567aad12c46760f1cbc  Lowering your GE8 Fit

if you have noticed from the pic above i have air tolls.
note: if you have it use it and if you don’t and can get
it. i suggest to get it. if you don’t have it. then all i can say
is have fun. it can be done but it takes alot of time.

all apart now.
05d5ed8b2da58c94e37bd3ad9b73c3e9  Lowering your GE8 Fit

of what you see in the pic above all you need is whats
pictured below.
1406d937f92b9fd4658feea97821d4fa  Lowering your GE8 Fit

one very important thing not to forget.
make sure you cut these off.
one on the left is for the fronts
the one on the right is for the rears.
4d32c2384e60ff77a33ecfee63f07cae  Lowering your GE8 Fit

bump stops
pain in the ARSE

well now we have come to a point where something is missing.
ahh here it goes.
3cec4278d6c143f49659601915fba8d1  Lowering your GE8 Fit

i cleaned up the drool from the ground and opened the box
and there they were 4 brothers and sisters.
c194a335fca97e175ca86f370a5c33ec  Lowering your GE8 Fit

moving on now that we have everything apart we can compare.
stock vs. lowered.
40c0dcbc6fbc3e5d1556acf141bcc688  Lowering your GE8 Fit

remember the pieces you took off the stock
1406d937f92b9fd4658feea97821d4fa  Lowering your GE8 Fit

put them on the new spring. like so.
e45d123fee3590f02e17f2f818bf4a19  Lowering your GE8 Fit

put it on the shock now and blot it down.
2f344e920ef4161ae1910d1f9f16a619  Lowering your GE8 Fit

note: you don’t need the spring compressors for this.
spring is much smaller and easier. also make sure you don’t
forget to pull the shock protector all the way down so
it snaps back into its place. you need shock protection

and finally after you have bolted the spring in and
put the strut bushing back on you’ll have this.
c6444165be80f6c46955b563d478493f  Lowering your GE8 Fit

presto your done one shock of course.

the rest you know. just go in reverse of DIY directions and your done.
same applies for pass side foward and back.

also BIG BIG note:
make sure upon removing the strut don’t let
the axle come out to far. you will regret it dearly.
make sure you use bungy cords and or a jack to hold the
lower control arm up so axles don’t come out to far.

also so people know. here are the torque settings for some
bolts for when putting back together.
the strut bolt holding the spring on. 65 ft.lbs.
the top strut bolt used to hold the strut on the car. 33 ft.lbs.
the two lower strut bolts 65 ft.lbs.

well lets get started on the back of the car.
for this to be done you have to have the hole back
end of you car lifted. and not by the suspension.
so i began by lifting one side at a time by the bottom
of the spring. look at my picture and see where the jack is.
this is where i jacked each end up from and while up i placed
jack stands up.
3709311c92623ffc69d9f9305a8085bb  Lowering your GE8 Fit

now you should have both jack stands on the car and the wheels off.
before we go any further make sure you unhook you abs wires on
both sides.
8a622e727574507d5ddd75d061cea147  Lowering your GE8 Fit

now take your jack again and place it on the car just like in the picture.
3709311c92623ffc69d9f9305a8085bb  Lowering your GE8 Fit

right under the spring. jack it up like an inch or so.
then take off both bottom shock bolts completly. right and left.
after you have done that take your jack out. it will look similar to this.
aa577c2e42c5d56214226043b17d5f6f  Lowering your GE8 Fit

all you do now is just give it a little push and wam both springs will
just pop right out.
now we can compare again. lets see.
8d8180bf3223975dc13d6b4ed345a6a4  Lowering your GE8 Fit

next pop open the hatch. pop out the two shock tower covers.
right and left. i only have a picture of the right one. look and
you will see a hook facing up wards. this is the cover to pop
off using a screw driver. repeat on the left side.
defd3a3ef526da960befef8649f1e757  Lowering your GE8 Fit

now that the covers are off unbolt the shocks.
ah before i forget. we are taking the shocks out because
of this.
4d32c2384e60ff77a33ecfee63f07cae  Lowering your GE8 Fit

the one to the left is for the front.
the one to the right is for the back.
the bump stop is under the shock cover well hidden.

now that we have the shocks out take out you bump stops
and cut them.
ah but wait it’s not that easy. make sure you have a small and medium
screw drivers handy for this. also a hammer and a vise.
hard to explain. sorry i didn’t take pics of this process. by this time
i was very frustrated.
but anyway you will see a sleeve on there that just doesn’t want
to come out. this sleeve is crimped in. so start with your small screw driver an dhammer it in the crack of the sleeve. thus speeding the
sleeve and making it bigger. you will most likely have to move to
the bigger screw driver to achieve this.
but now the sleeve will come out.
cut you bumps off and your all set.

here are some pics thanks to Malice101
the first one shows the top of the rear shock.
you must remove that metal sleeve to get to the bumpstop.
i used a screw driver to open it up by twisting it.

8ca453d90c1edb6ccebaac1a5d36d847  Lowering your GE8 Fit

9ce2d08e5a0d3a3b77bb99dcf35a9de1  Lowering your GE8 Fit

also don’t forget when putting your new springs on. watch out for
that bottom rubber bushing. it only goes on one way. it has a nipple
on it and goes back only the whole it came out of. it may look like it
will go back in any hole but it doesn’t. so make sure you mark it
so you don’t forget.

now you can put everything back together in reverse.
should look like this when done.
7552ba247eb303e7b617ab97d47c62e8  Lowering your GE8 Fit

This is a add on from TORK

I just noticed a nice correction can be made here.

The rear shock collars, you do not have to pry them open to get to the rear bump stops. Just put the allen wrench in the shock end, clamp a vice grip on the collar. Then apply a little bit of pull up pressure while turning the vice grip counter clock wise. They simply unscrew right off.
I have done it twice this way. Back early summer with springs/cutting bump stop and a month ago when I installed air shocks. Sorry I did not mention this sooner.

Sorry if someone else caught this. I didn’t go back and read the 10 pages of posts.


now we can go for a test drive and let the suspension
set back down a bit.

after i got back from the test drive i was impressed and alot lower
but i also noticed my car didn’t need a alignment. maybe after the suspension finally settles. i’m not sure. but for now i’m opting not
to do it. as we all know by now there is no camber/caster
adjustments on the Fit. thus meaning there is nothing to align
but toe. and as for the toe i never disconnected it so it should
be alright. and so far it is. i let go of the wheel and the car tracks

well with that said time to take measurements again.

left rear after
05fde69036a4d8a6087bf3bfb25a53dc  Lowering your GE8 Fit

left front after
1da9c2d97209331f89a167f69f97289a  Lowering your GE8 Fit

right front after
63797a9cb7f2a6f975bb20211b5151de  Lowering your GE8 Fit

right rear after
591fb78bdd9631149eeda45cc236896d  Lowering your GE8 Fit

now thats lower
but hers more

left rear after
7389c44355e77b850d67ed946fdf2357  Lowering your GE8 Fit

left front after
915598ae95879e6e4df350a9467e104b  Lowering your GE8 Fit

left front after again
38d364bfd667f3f22c56145ec928f4b3  Lowering your GE8 Fit

right front after
434bd02c4f6d41b6d52df57ff4573b56  Lowering your GE8 Fit

right rear after
8536765a1dbe866b60f4dc83f7b9ac01  Lowering your GE8 Fit

left front bumper after
8931525e5bfe7ceb41c2087ebbf6a84f  Lowering your GE8 Fit

center of front bumper after
5654e9deb4085077f5672d4b446b99ac  Lowering your GE8 Fit

right side front bumper after
8652b5b6254c9fe95ce6edc4b119cc89  Lowering your GE8 Fit

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