Oil Change on 2007 Fit

*Before starting please make sure you have the following tools:
— a 17 mm socket wrench
— an oil filter wrench (65/67mm – 14 Flutes)
— scissor jack and jackstands
— wheel chocks
— pan to catch waste oil
— container to place used motor oil in
— a new oil filter
— new oil
— some rags and news papers.
— a measuring cup

— Pic of some of supplies used for oil change. Jack is already under car with jackstand.

1. Jack up car (or use ramps if you have the space)– this allows easy access to oil drain plug. Behind the front wheels is a reinforced area to place the scissor jack under. Before jacking up the car engage the emergancy brake and put wheel chocks behind the rear wheels. After raising the car put a jack stand under the rail next to the scissor jack and lower the vehical until its weight is supported by both the scissor jack and the jackstand. Ideally you would have a low profile floor jack that can reach.under the front end to the center front jack point. Then you could just place jack stands on both sides in the appropriate area and lower the vehical onto the jack stands. For the oil change I only raised the front passenger side of the vehical.

— Pic of car while jacked up

— Owner Manual Page showing Jack Points on Honda Fit

— Looking at oil pan from behind front passenger wheel. Honda makes it easy. Engine Oil is stamped into the bottom of the oil pan, right next to the plug.

2. Place newspapers and drain pan under car. – This helps to prevent any spills on concrete.

Underside of car with newspaper . Looking from front to rear.

3. Use 17mm wrench or socket wrench to remove drain plug and drain oil. – Be careful not to let drain plug fall into whatever container it is you are using to catch the oil. It will be messy to fish it out. Place plug where it can’t be lost.

— Oil draining into drain pan.

4. Remove oil filter. – While oil is draining remove the old oil filter. Use oil filter wrench (65/67mm – 14 Flutes). As you unscrew the oil filter oil will start to leak out. Maneuver you oil drain pan so that it catches the leaking oil.

— Pic of Oil Filter

— Oil filter mount point.

5. Install new oil filter. – Put clean oil on oil filters rubber seal. Screw oil filter onto mount point.

Screw oil filter on by hand. Do not over tighten or the gasket may fail. Additionally it will be hard to remove the
filter at your next oil change.

6. Install oil drain plug with new crush washer and fill engine with new oil.

— Drain plug with new crush washer. Crush washer was purchased from Honda Parts Dept. It was relatively inexpensive. Install onto oil pan by tightening with 17mm wrench or socket wrench.

— Pour new oil into fill hole. The shop manual states that the oil capacity with a filter change is 3.6liters or 3.8 US qts. I usually fill it with 3.8 quarts then run the engine a little and add oil as necessary after checking the dip stick.

This concludes my DIY for an 2007 Honda FIT Oil Change! Hope it was informative. Note that the Oil Grade recommended in the shop manual isSM 5W-20. The used oil I discard at the local recycling center. You can also bring used oil to Advanced Auto Parts and most other Auto Parts stores. Don’t forget to reset the maintenance minder. Put the key in the on position without starting the car. Press the odometer button until you see the oil life. Press for 10 seconds or until oil life blinks. Press for another 5 seconds or until oil life is 100%.

Below are the pages of the owners manual pertaining to an oil change. If you have any questions or comments let me know. If you want to see any of the pics utilized in this DIY in greater detail click on the following link:

— Owner Manual Page —

— Owner Manual Page —

— Owner Manual Page —

— Owner Manual Page —

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