P2R Intake Manifold “performance” gasket

Ok. There’s been talk on this forum about “performance” intake manifold gaskets. What it’s theoretically supposed to do is cool the air going into the cylinders. Here’s the theory behind it:

1) Cold Air enters the Cold Air Intake
2) Cold Air travels from filter to plastic Intake Plenum
3) Cold Air travels from plastic Intake Plenum to ceramic Intake Manifold.
4) Cold Air travels from ceramic Intake Manifold past a metal gasket to the aluminum Cylinder Head.
5) Combustion happens and creates heat
6) Heat created from combustion travels from the Cylinder Head through the metal gasket and to the Intake Manifold
7) Heats up the incoming air from the ceramic Intake Manifold and the cold air intake is no longer cold.

Now, as I’m sure you’ve all noticed, the car performs better in the morning. The reason is that cold air is denser than warm air, therefore, you can fit more air into the cylinders. More air = more fuel = Bigger Boom!

Just so you know, you gain 1.5 HP at the crank for every 10 degrees Celsius of cooler air compared to engine temperature.

This product is to prevent/slow down the transfer for heat from the Cylinder Head to the Intake Manifold and therefore, you get more horsepower.

Here’s the product itself (sorry, it’s upside down):

6d79f07e5ca8dba48e3075c9dc8c3e37  P2R Intake Manifold “performance” gasket

All it is is a piece of plastic that’s about 1/8″ an inch thick.

I’m not here to say if they work or not. I’m here ONLY to do a DIY on the install.

Tools needed:

10mm socket
12mm socket
4 inch extension (roughly)
Flathead socket
needle-nose pliers

***WHEN REMOVING BOLTS, COUNT “DOWN” (6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1). WHEN INSTALLING BOLTS, COUNT “UP” (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).***

Good Luck!!

First off, here’s an exploded diagram so that you can see what you’re up against:

1) take your dipstick out:

fb54677ab9a7568dbda67f80d44ebba4  P2R Intake Manifold “performance” gasket

2) Take the engine cover off. There are 2 x 10mm and 2 x speed clips:

2f89c8c69eb5ceb680ae5dbf66a85252  P2R Intake Manifold “performance” gasket

3) Remove the 5 x 12mm bolts that hold the Intake Plenum to the Intake Manifold. REMOVE IN A SEQUENCE PROVIDED & REMOVE THEM IN EQUAL ROTATIONS!! (this prevents warping)

24f9eaf00f3add17775ccc6f5c2eea81  P2R Intake Manifold “performance” gasket

4) remove 2 x 10mm and the vacuum line:

d7b987179e59bf1010930945a121be23  P2R Intake Manifold “performance” gasket

44a69aa74d6971bb1af9d08f329eee8d  P2R Intake Manifold “performance” gasket

5) Remove the 6 x 10mm bolts that hold the EGR plenum to the Intake Manifold. Again, REMOVE IN A SEQUENCE PROVIDED & REMOVE THEM IN EQUAL ROTATIONS!!

70278cfa9016e75010d752147dadbe3b  P2R Intake Manifold “performance” gasket

6) Remove the 5 x 12mm bolts that hold the Intake Manifold to the Cylinder Head. Again, REMOVE IN A SEQUENCE PROVIDED & REMOVE THEM IN EQUAL ROTATIONS!! Some bolts are hidden!

b4e7e2d1dcd78646e690d296cb378917  P2R Intake Manifold “performance” gasket

7) CARFULLY remove the Intake Manifold and here’s what you get:

cf6c9b86303fcf5333ff746b41af9224  P2R Intake Manifold “performance” gasket

587fd816f787b323fd3f870f94d3e50b  P2R Intake Manifold “performance” gasket

8) install the P2R plastic Intake Manifold gasket/spacer

59b19db73c9133b14b5f2e853589b639  P2R Intake Manifold “performance” gasket

9) Now, put everything back in reverse order. When it comes to tightening bolts, TIGHTEN IN EQUAL ROTATIONS AND IN A CLOCKWISE ROTATION AND/OR IN THE SEQUENCE PROVIDED IN THE PREVIOUS STEPS. Keep in mind that you are tightening into ALUMINUM (Cylinder Head) so DO NOT STRIP THE CYLINDER HEAD!!

Sorry, I forgot to take pics of it installed. I got too carried away and needed to go so I threw everything back together without pics. SORRY!!

Hope everything works out. Hopefully you’ll notice a difference.

Part provided by:

K20Tuned LLC

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