Headlight painting

make sure you get yourself spay paint and adhesion promoter.
first start off by removing your fog lights. it’s just one screw right in the front and a clip in the back.
pop your hood and take a look at my picture. pop all these tabs off with a screw driver. i have circled everything to make it easy.

09 Honda Accord’s Horn Upgrade

This is easy and can be done within 15 minutes. The 09 Accord’s horn is much louder than the rinkydink Fit’s horn. No longer where you’ll be laughed at when they hear a freight train coming.
Materials needed:
- Flat head screwdriver
- 12mm Socket & Ratchet.
- 09 Accord’s Horn (Part #38100-STK-A02)
- 15 Minutes.
First remove these 8 Clips [...]

Install Cup Holder LED’s GE8

I dont know if Honda was lazy or they felt it wasnt necessary, but the thing that bothered me was i couldnt see a damn thing in the car at night. i had to feel around for stuff especially around the cup holder area. my scion tc and my dads TL all have Leds near [...]

progress rear sway bar install

So I only read about the sway bar installs, but never a tutorial with pictures…
forewarning: folks with the mental thought of “bigger hammer works better” may not apply for dong this job.
time: estimating how long it should take, suiting up, setting up, with pictures 1 hr.
tools- hex key (forgot what size, but metric), 17mm wrench [...]