progress rear sway bar install

So I only read about the sway bar installs, but never a tutorial with pictures…

forewarning: folks with the mental thought of “bigger hammer works better” may not apply for dong this job.

time: estimating how long it should take, suiting up, setting up, with pictures 1 hr.

tools- hex key (forgot what size, but metric), 17mm wrench or socket, standard screwdriver, jack and jack stands

item list- 1 progress rear sway bar, 6 each of nuts, washers and allen bolts, instructions, and 1 sticker!!!!

1- jack up the car where that rectangular thingy is, after the jack stands are in place, lower the jack and use it for holding the bar 4458a3a69bc86505ea94102f9e2913a6  progress rear sway bar install

2- position the bar correctly, and estimate approx where the holes line up.
b8fb1969dc1a871e7d84ca89c460cad4  progress rear sway bar install

3- once the bar is aligned with the holes, drop in the allen bolt from topside.ca8e2b325c1be485c60ca3a52907c57d  progress rear sway bar install

4- the 3 bolts in place on driver’s side.
54fb51f9207cdb3c112e6cf5cad08783  progress rear sway bar install

5- the 3 nuts in place on passenger’s side.
f4ae4e3fd74107a2f11d9e0cecda6a54  progress rear sway bar install

6- I know I said bigger hammer metal thought shouldn’t be involved, but the rubber mount holding the spring got in the way of the middle bolt, so I had to use some good ol elbow influence with a thick standard screwdriver to move the mount up enough to drop in the middle bolt on the passenger side.1832bd1c22c2bb34701eff522d068afc  progress rear sway bar install

7. finished. after tightening down all 6 bolts.
95220578a7b3094ce509a5f1399c1bb6  progress rear sway bar install

8- test drive. didn’t go too far, but i can tell there is a slight difference.

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