T1R Carbon Intake

Here’s what’s included in the kit:

1) There are two 10mm bolts holding the OE air box in place. Remove those. One is on the right side of the car (looking at the car) and the other bolt is by the radiator cap.

2) Unhook your IAT (intake air temp) sensor

3) Right by the throttle body, there is a clamp, it’s a Phillips head but I HIGHLY recommend using a 5.5mm socket to loosen the clamp.

4) Disconnect the rubber intake tubing and remove. There is a clip by the headlight. (sorry, i forgot to take a pic of the clip)

5) Remove the PCV (positive crank case ventilation) tubing from the OE air box.. It’s a lot easier to remove the end from the air box that it is to remove the clip and then the rubber hose/grommet.

6) Start wiggling the air box and get her out!!

7) The fist thing I did was set up the CF tubing to see how much room there was. I noticed 2 things: one the battery was in the way, and two, the coolant hose bracket was also in the way. So what I did was I disconnected the battery and moved it over as far as it could to the right side (looking AT the car) and I also removed the plastic cover piece. Then I bent the radiator hose bracket backwards and to the right again so that the CF box would clear it. Where the two bolts that held on the OEM air box were, on the left one, I put a spacer and installed the double-ended spacer provided by T1R in. ( I personally wanted the intake to sit slightly higher so that the PCV tubing would fit better)

8) Remove the OE IAT sensor, grommet and the PCV grommet and install them on the T1R air box.

9) Cut the LARGE blue nylon tubing provided by the T1R intake kit to size. All I needed was approximately 2 inches. Put two clamps on and tighten the one that goes onto the CF air box. Leave the other one loose.

10) Install the metal adapter piece for the PCV system into the CF air box. Measure and cut the blue rubber tubing to the proper length. Again, I only needed about 2-2.5 inches.

Carbon fiber is strong; however, it needs to be cured properly, therefore, be VERY CAREFULL when tightening bolts, clamps or anything else on the CF air box. IT’S FRAGILE!!!!

11) Now, install the CF air box. Tighten down all clamps and hoses. Connect the IAT sensor and bolt down the right side of the intake.

12) Make sure that the CF air box clears the battery. I actually disconnected it and removed the plastic cover. Just remember that you MUST perform an Idle Relearn (I’ll explain how later), and enter the radio code.

13) Install the conical air filter and tighten it down.

14) Step back and take a look. If everything is good, the only thing left is the idle relearn and punch in the radio code. (That is if you disconnected your battery)

Here’s a pic of the final product VS the original one.


- Turn ALL accessories off. (Radio, a/c, blower motor, defrost… EVERYTHING)
- Start car in park.
- Let the cooling fan cycle on and off 2 times. (on and off is once)

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