T1R Sway-Bar

1) Purchase sway bar

2) Personally, i felt that taking the cat out is VERY useful, so remove cat

3) disconnect the sway bar from the link kits. You’ll need an Allen head AND a 12mm wrench.

The reason you need to do this is that if you just use a 12mm, the link kit will most likely spin and you’ll never get the bolt off.

4) support the vehicle front AND back as you’ll need to drop the engine/tranny cradle a little

5) Unbolt the lower control arm. There are 3 bolts. two shown here and one in front.


7) Now, unbolt the cradle from the car. there are 4 bolts in total. (two were from the control arm)

8) Unbolt the hold down bracket for the swaybar and lower the engine/tranny cradle just enough to get the swaybar out

9) Now, reverse the order. Make sure that you lube up the bushings REALLY well!!!

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