Transmission Fluid Change

Very simple task, similar to changing your oil but less messy because there is no filter to remove.

Here are the tools that you need:

e99c808259db02e472df274057d827d2  Transmission Fluid Change

2 quarts Amsoil Syncromesh Transmission Fluid
Rachet set (I believe the fill plug was 18mm)
Suction pump
Drain pan
30mins time
Level ground

Step 1: Jack up the car on the driver side
Step 2: Loosen the fill plug first. Why? Because if you drained the trans and cant break the fill plug loose, you are screwed.

09c56c5ce33349ebbf683d962e5de508  Transmission Fluid Change

Step 3: Place pan under the drain hole and let it drain.
Step 4: Put the drain plug back in.
Step 5: Using the suction pump, suck up the amsoil fluid and squeeze into the fill hole.

cd1d84e28d2b20e374a5c6e9905ebb51  Transmission Fluid Change

Step 6: Repeat step 5 until fluid is dripping out of the hole. (~1.6 Quarts)
Step 7: Put the fill plug back and tighten the two bolts.
Step 8: Clean up, you are done!

Took around 30mins to complete. Impressions? Slightly smoother shifting and peace of mind when I take the car to the track this summer

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