Turn Signal Mirrors

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to start i’ll show you what tools you’ll need.

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okay now you can start by taking the door handle
cover off. it has three tabs at the bottom.
i just pulled it and it came right off.
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look at pics to see the tabs
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here is what it looks like off.
also look and you will see two philips screws that you
will have to remove. one is right next to the door lock
and the other is behind the panel you took off.
also unclip the power to the window switches.
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now that the screws are off it’s time to take off the door panel.
i used a window crank removal too to do this.
like so.
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make sure you twist the door lock so it goes out of the door panel.
now that the door panel is off you need to take off the speaker.
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also before we get started.
silicone is your best friend.
when ever i change my lights i usually
silicone the edges. where the lens meets
the housing. this stops any future leaks.
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now peel back the plastic like so.
use a piece of tape to hold it back.
if you have gloves wear them. that sealant
is nasty stuff.
now unclip the blue/white clip in the picture.
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next take off the small panel behind the mirror.
a small screw driver will do the job.
just pry on it from the top or bottom.
it will pop right out.
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now pull the blue wire you unclipped all the way out of the door.

now you’ll want to take your mirror off.
take a look at the pic and see where my thumb is.
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here is another pics of it off just so you can see where i’m talking about.
see the slot at the bottom right hand corner.
that is the one.
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make sure you tilt your mirror up towards the sky and in towards
the car in order to see the slots.
you will need to put a flat head screw driver in the slot between the
white plastic and the mirror. you’ll see what i’m talking about once
you look up at it.
then proceed and twist your screw driver. this will pop out the bottom
half of your mirror. now all you need to do is tilt the mirror up and it
will come right out.
now you have this.
17e16578ae3b3c741f5eb5bbbc9ddd49  Turn Signal Mirrors

now if you look at your new covers you can see all the clips
that hold it on. you can also look inside the mirror like so.
there is about 6 clips.
17e16578ae3b3c741f5eb5bbbc9ddd49  Turn Signal Mirrors

push on them and the cover will pop out.
now unbolt the mirror using a 10mm socket set up.
take it to you bench/table what ever you have.
you can now screw on your blinkers.
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now pop this cover off at the bottom of your mirror
f8808eb9b1895caef61b93c8f085d875  Turn Signal Mirrors

like so
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take the three screws off and now you can run the wires
through the mirror.
also before i ran my wires i soldered them together.
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after that it will look something like this.
d51e93f3ae32e21fce69a30048bb126d  Turn Signal Mirrors

i also taped all my wires so they look good.
685f08b970ab5da3eeadf593152f1272  Turn Signal Mirrors

now look at this pics and you will see a white clip behind where the speaker
was. just unclip it so you can get some slack out of the wire.
d4984457de1b4a123181b6ef4c026df6  Turn Signal Mirrors

now take that piece of #12 wire i had in the tool list.
look at my pic and you’ll get the idea.
pull apart the rubber seal from both ends and run run
the #12 through it.
like so.
ba24f9a1eea19cc1ca92833d51d631cf  Turn Signal Mirrors

now use some electrical tape and tape the wires you
are running to the #12 wire.
hook it like this so you can pull it through.
87f5ccae4846bbfc9466e532e532c482  Turn Signal Mirrors

now you can finally start putting stuff back together.
bolt your mirror back up. make sure you run all your wires
like they came out.
i taped and zip tied my wires to the oem mirrors wires and
power door lock wires.
398107770ed31623ffb60f5bb3f4fc67  Turn Signal Mirrors

by now if you don’t have your inside panels out get them out.
like so.
6c3341298045e105ab5f98f4a7e8b9f8  Turn Signal Mirrors

c0601becafbcd78bf1c68b6f55a60f91  Turn Signal Mirrors

now do the other side the same way and put it back together.
run your wires nice and neat under the dash.
like i said earlier i taped and zip tied all my wires.

now we can locate the blue and white wires that Dave let us
know about.
thanks Dave
look at the pics. white is at the top blue is at the bottom.
e2bf16b23c04a2ca0cc76f44f4fa3fc2  Turn Signal Mirrors

ba0b2ee7b284af94c7d6eb94c0ef33f7  Turn Signal Mirrors

Blue is left +
white is right +

the negatives i put together.5f7acba23d6c915892f3a84409f28b01  Turn Signal Mirrors

then i bolted them to the hood release bracket.88f50c505738a02bb9214fad37438318  Turn Signal Mirrors

now we can hook up the positive blue and white.
like so.
e6aca92838e96e96ccfd5eeba7874b8e  Turn Signal Mirrors

8276dd04d7044a3be66e7403716b51fc  Turn Signal Mirrors

now it’s finally done. test and put back together.
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