Vertically @ rear wiper for GE ( Fit & Jazz )

f2f5d83733e3f328c95936d45695136e  Vertically @ rear wiper for GE ( Fit & Jazz )
:: FIT & JAZZ :: GE

1)All E round in red is the clips 1,2,3,4,5,6 & etc ….
47352a81130675290a42c059ac079afb  Vertically @ rear wiper for GE ( Fit & Jazz )

2)after u pull of the black cover u should
see ur wiper dinamo , remove the three bolt
round in red , the wire cable & holding
the wiper compartment on ur car

3)now u already remove the dimano
there’s 4 bolt holding this cover round in red

4)now this is what u should see,
there should be 6 hole on it

5)u should get this result
move the arm backward
& now put the metal bar back
than install everything back

I — h-a-t-e- when my wiper collects dust on it and i live in the city (no dirt roads in my travels) so every time i use my rear wiper it just smears all the dust into freaking mud

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