Aerodynamic Paneling

Tonight I finished my current project of making my own DIY aerodynamic underbody paneling. All in all, it took about 40hours of work (mostly trial and error) to get everything right.

The sheetmetal paneling starts off at my front lip and continues back to the beginning of the fenderwells. From the fenderwells, it tapers in and stops right before my cat. I have it mounted to my ITR lip using the same bolt locations and also on the two tow hooks and front LCAs.

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dace9c688d535fa6402ef219e0069841  Aerodynamic Paneling

1e9fb15dfc6a54f6e7242214819d399a  Aerodynamic Paneling

81eccb3441a79b09a8e5e3ab448c3b09  Aerodynamic Paneling

Tonight was the first night I got to test drive with it and I like the results. My first worry was that the sheetmetal would viberate and make lots of unwanted noise, but even going up to 100mph it didn’t make one peep! The whole paneling lowers my ground clearace by 1/2″ and clears my oil pan (the lowest object) by 1/4″.

1. Three 2′x4′ aluminum sheetmetal pieces
2. Over 70 rivits
3. 1″x1/4″x8′ aluminum bar
4. Four 90 degree L brackets
5. Various nuts/bolts

Total cost: ~$80 (sheet metal is expensive!!)

34bfc5dcbaffd73d9dc0205a231ffb4b  Aerodynamic Paneling

c9c8f96d1cca09f0fb5a9ff424f2f83e  Aerodynamic Paneling

c8abbdd34065063e7f2bd61da79f9612  Aerodynamic Paneling

4043696e54ca2e1c6edacbad5ade6daf  Aerodynamic Paneling

e14b53a248cbb71946a8c968d850bffe  Aerodynamic Paneling

d17d380015ac80b67db08c711db2460f  Aerodynamic Paneling

38a95bd47610840485ef91e02d5ff8d9  Aerodynamic Paneling

0236fe5243fe4bb58ac92ca78200238c  Aerodynamic Paneling

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