Brake Bleeding

Tools required:
- 10/or12mm wrench (can’t ever remember)
- Tubing big enough to fit around bleeder valve
- Bottle for Brake Fluid
- A friend

Brake bleeding is essential whenever replacing a component of the brake system and it can also remove lag in the brake pedal.

Step 1: Place car on jack and remove tire on whichever brake you are going to perform the brake bleed on.

Step 2: Locate the brake bleed valve and remove rubbet grommet.

Step 3: Fix hose over brake bleed valve and put opposite end of hose into a container/bottle. ( Make sure bottle has enough brake fluid in it to submerge the end of hose.)

Step 4: Have a friend press down on the brake pedal several times until completely firm with the valve still closed.

Step 5: Open the valve on full turn with a wrench and let brake pedal reach the floor.

Step 6: Close the valve while your friend still has the pedal pushed to the floor.

Step 7: Again let your friend pump the brake pedal with the valve closed until it is completely firm.

Step 8: Repeat steps 5 and 6 several times until you notice it only takes one or two pumps to achieve full firmness of the brake pedal.

Step 9: Close valve firmly and place grommet over valve. Your finished!
NOTE: If you plan to bleed all calipers you need to follow proper brake bleeding sequence: Check your manual for propper brake bleeding sequence. I believe 98-01 is front left, front right, rear right and rear left. 94-97 is rear right, front left, rear left, front right

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